Last chance! Amazon Prime Day Lego and Sylvanian Families deals: save up to 30% for one more day

Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter and Sylvanian Families animals and building get big discounts… that end soon

Amazon Prime Day Lego deals
(Image credit: Amazon)

One again, dotted among the best Amazon Prime Day deals are some barnstorming bargains on toys, including ideal options for keeping the kids busy over the holidays, or even stocking up for Christmas – unless you plan to leave that until Black Friday. Not that you need to be buying these excellent Amazon Prime Day Lego sets or Sylvanian Families for kids – we know they're just as popular with adult collectors. However, the deals do end at 23:59 tonight (April 16) so get a step on.

We've collected the best of the toy options here – first the Lego, with the Sylvanian Families underneath – and there are some major discounts going on from both Amazon and the Lego Store directly, so don't hang around.

Amazon Prime Day: Lego deals

Lego Harry Potter Whomping Willow | Now £35.99 | RRP £59.99
One of the excellent current Lego Hogwarts sets (it fits together with other sets in the range to show the school inside and out), this comes with a portion of the castle, a moving Whomping Willow and Ford Anglia, plus classrooms and a load of minifigs. Deal of the day, for sure!View Deal

Lego Star Wars Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition | Now £70.39 | RRP £109.99
This big (over 1,000 pieces) model is a real looker, and perfect for Star Wars fans. You get a detailed version of the iconic ship, plus bounty hunters Boba Fett, Zuckuss and 4-Lom, as well as Han (both in and out of carbonite) and a special collector's edition Leia. This set was released earlier this year, for Lego Star Wars' 20th anniversary.View Deal

Lego Marvel Stark Jet and Drone Attack | Now £32.99 | RRP £54.99
From the new Spider-Man film comes this set featuring a very cool set of minifigs (including Spider-Man, Mysterio and Nick Fury) to defend a great jet plane build from a couple of drones. It's a fun playset with a bit of big-movie cachet.View Deal

Lego City Fire Station | Now £35.99 | RRP £59.99
A Lego classic is updated with the coolest new vehicles and features. This fire station includes a fire response truck with hose (naturally), but also includes a fire-scouting drone and a water scooter. The fire station itself is three levels, with a garage, water dock, and operations centre.View Deal

Lego Star Wars Snoke's Throne Room | Now £45.49 | RRP £64.99
Bring the epic battle of wills and lightsabers from The Last Jedi home, in this set that recreates Snoke's chamber, complete with moving door and platform to make Rey 'float' towards him. Then have Kylo and Rey battle it out with the elite Praetorian Guard figures. It's a great playset, and looks excellent on the shelf.View Deal

Lego Creator 3-in-1 Skate House/Arcade/Skate Park | Now £24.49 | RRP £34.99
It's weird, but we kind of love this little Creator set, which comes with instructions to turn its bricks into either an amusement arcade complete with cool games, or a skate park, or a house that's been built by extreme sports fanatics (so includes skate elements and a climbing wall, even).View Deal

Lego Star Wars Black Ace Interceptor | Now £25.29 | RRP £44.99
This super-sleek Imperial ship has an opening cockpit for a pilot, and a hold to store its firing laser missiles. The green laser blast shoots from a spring-loaded point in the wing tip. The set comes with Griff Halloran from Star Wars: Resistance, plus Poe Dameron and BB-8.View Deal

Amazon Prime Day: Sylvanian Families deals

Sylvanian Families Walnut Squirrel Family | Now £10.99 | RRP £19.99
Perfectly adorable, perfect for your first Sylvanian Family (or to expand your neighbourhood).View Deal

Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall | Now £29.75 | RRP £79.99
If you're getting serious about a Sylvanian set, this larger house is always an essential stop – big enough to really fill with whatever rooms or furniture you fancy, and the way it opens is ideal for displaying. And at this price, totally unmissable.View Deal

Sylvanian Families The Caravan | Now £33.99 | Was £59.99
A classic of Sylvanian life, the caravan folds open to reveal kitchen, bathroom, living area and bunk beds, and comes with accessories to make the most of them all. No car included, alas.View Deal

Sylvanian Families Treehouse | Now £28.99 | RRP £54.99
With three levels to put furniture and figures on, plus a swing and slide, this is an ideal expansion if you want something to give you Sylvanian kids something extra to play with.View Deal

Sylvanian Families Starry Lighthouse | Now £33.99 | RRP £59.99
Give your Sylvanians a bit of sea air with this lighthouse home, with comes with a round kitchen unit and special boat bed. The lighthouse can actually project different light patterns onto your room's ceiling, too.View Deal