Amazon Prime Day deals: don't buy new luggage by Samsonite, American Tourister or other top brands before Monday

Up to 55% discounts are promised on business class suitcases by our close, personal chums at Amazon…

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Looking for a new suitcase, with summer in full swing and the school summer holidays running at you like Christiano Ronaldo at a big football? By a bizarre coincidence Ronaldo uses and endorses American Tourister suitcases, and they are among the many likely to be at knock down prices on Amazon Prime Day 

Starting at 12 midday British Summer Times on Monday 16 July, there'll be many, many fine deals on offer, including in the area we call luggage – we love luggage so much, we have compiled our very own list of the best suitcases.

The first 12 Amazon Prime Day deals have just been announced, and they include 'up to 55% off‘ cases from market leaders Samsonite and American Tourister, with more very, very, very likely to follow.

We don't know yet which cases from these two brands will be discounted, or whether the likes of Tumi, Globe Trotter, Antler et al will be joining them.

What we do know is that there will be a great deal of suitcase stock to get rid of, and you'll be able to get it cheap. So if you were thinking of buying a suitcase this weekend, leave it till Monday afternoon. Even if you're flying this weekend, just scoop up whatever you need with you hands, put it in Tesco carrier bags and make the most of it, safe in the knowledge you can return after your holidays to  new luggage, delivered via Amazon Prime, one-day delivery.

Our Suitcase chart includes both Samsonite and American Tourister cases, with the Ronaldo-endorsed Soundbox riding high in the coveted #11 spot.

Amazon Prime Day: Suitcases in non-acid-rave colours will also be available

(Image: © American Tourister)

Suitcase expert Spencer Hart praises the Tourister's 'funkiness' though he does grimly warn that 'the wheels… protrude markedly from the case bottom, making them vulnerable to damage' – so do be extra careful as you drag it behind you through the Nothing To Declare aisle.

Whether this specific case will be in the sale we do not know, but we do know that cases like it will be discounted by up to 55%.