Amazon Back to School sale: top deals on tech, stationery & other school supplies

What to buy in the Amazon Back to School sale for university students & school ages

Amazon Back to School sale 2022
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While we’re all still enjoying the summer holidays, September is on the horizon and with it, comes back to school season. Whether you’re a university student or your child is heading into their next school year, it might be time to think about stocking up on back to school supplies.

Many retailers are running back to school sales which can help you save hundreds of pounds on school essentials. In particular, Amazon has kicked off its back to school sale with top offers on electronics, stationary and other school supplies.

Shop the Amazon Back to School sale

The Amazon back to school sale is stocked full of study essentials for your next school, college or university year. In the sale, you can find record low prices on stationery, tech products, textbooks, school backpacks, sports kit and clothing.

Featured in the Amazon back to school sale is Amazon-own brands, so you can find the latest offerings on Fire tablets, Echo speakers and Kindles. Other popular brands in the sale include Apple, HP, Casio, Bic, Paper Mate, Helix, Logitech, Canon and many more.

If you’re unsure what you need for your next term, we’ve got some handy guides catered to students, like best student laptops, best student tablets and best student printers to name a few. 

To help you shop the Amazon Back to School sale and save extra money on school supplies, we’ve highlighted the best product categories to shop from below. We’ve also included our top tips on how you can save money on back to school essentials this year, including Prime member benefits and ‘Under £5’ supplies.

Amazon Back To School Tech Deals

Amazon Back To School Tech Deals
Whether you need a new computing set-up or an accessory replacement, the Amazon back to school sale has low prices on tech and electronics. In the sale, you can find offers on laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, networking and other computing accessories. Featured brands include Apple, HP, Samsung, ASUS, Logitech, TP-Link, Acer, Lenovo and more.
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Amazon Back To School Stationery Deals

Amazon Back To School Stationery Deals
It’s always good to have a pen and paper handy, even if you’re a laptop note taker, and the Amazon back to school sale has tons of cheap deals available. Right now, you can find low prices on pens, pencils, paper, ink cartridges, note pads, planners, highlighters, erasers, calculators and much more. This sale also has huge price cuts when you buy in bulk, for example, you can get a pack of 10 BIC biro pens for just £1.50.
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Amazon Back To School Textbook Deals

Amazon Back To School Textbook Deals
Book buying can get really expensive, especially if you’re studying for a literature degree. In the Amazon back to school sale, you can find discounts on textbooks for multiple years and key stages, including primary and secondary school, pre-school and early learning, test workbooks and vocational studying.
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How to save on school supplies at Amazon

We’ve all been affected by the cost of living crisis, so it’s understandable if you’re on a tight budget going into back to school season. In addition to shopping the back to school sale, here are a few tricks that can help you save money on school supplies at Amazon.

Stock up on essentials with the ‘Up to £5’ section

The Up to £5 page on Amazon does exactly what it says on the tin: it has tons of offers for under and up to £5. Currently, there’s a specific back to school section where you can get quality stationery and office supplies for low prices. The biggest discounts we’ve seen in this section are on bulk packs of pens, pencils, erasers and highlighters.

Shop AmazonBasics Back to School

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label brand that sells home goods, tech accessories and kitchen gadgets. Compared to other brands, AmazonBasics is much cheaper so you can find lower prices on everyday items, including back to school supplies. In the back to school selection, AmazonBasics has a range of low prices on backpacks, laptop sleeves and cables.

Try Prime Student

For those of you new to Amazon Prime, it’s a paid subscription service which gives members access to additional Amazon features and services. This includes Prime Video, Music and Reading, unlimited deliveries and much more. Despite the Amazon Prime price increase to the standard monthly and annual fees, the student plan for Amazon Prime has not been changed and is a great subscription for those headed to university.

For university students, you can get Amazon Prime for free for 6 months before you pay a small fee of £3.99 a month. This is incredibly cost-effective as you don’t have to pay anything for 6 months and you can cancel anytime before the 6 months are up to avoid paying anything at all! Prime Student comes with early access to sales and lightning deals, free unlimited delivery, 10% off textbooks, clothing, and other uni essentials, plus members also get access to Prime Video & Prime Music.

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