Amazon Alexa smart switches are cheap, simple and let you voice control your lights

Keep things simple with Amazon Alexa smart switches

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Amazon has today launched its own series of smart light switches. The brand new batch of Amazon Basics Smart Switches comprises four models, with two that support the ability to dim light and two that do not. Indeed, there's something for everyone within the new Basics range. 

Amazon's new range hopes to stake its claim amongst some of the best smart light switches taking shots at the pricier Philips Hue range of smart devices, including the Hue Dimmer and Hue smart bulbs

Amazon Basics

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The Amazon Basics Smart Switches are available now at, with the switches sporting a minimalistic design that keeps things nice and simple. Simplicity is something that's in short supply when it comes to smart devices, so it's something that Amazon wants you to know is integral to its product. Naturally, all of the switches work with Alexa and sport the “Certified for Humans” branding – Amazon lingo for its smart home products made for non-experts. 

Simplicity is key: the collection consists of two single pole and two three-way light switches, as spotted by Dan Wroclawski of Consumer Reports. The prices are pretty tasty, as well. There's a single-pole switch at ($17.99) and a single-pole dimmer ($19.99), which are both for managing one lighting circuit. Aside from this, there's a three-way switch ($18.99) and a three-way dimmer ($20.99), which can control one circuit from two locations.

Amazon Basics Smart Switch

Amazon Basics Smart Switch

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Certified for Humans

Installation of the switches is also a breeze as Amazon provides “step-by-step guidance to set up your switch.” Once again, this message is bundled in with their “Certified for Humans” branding, which it hopes will reassure non-experts of the ease of getting the devices up and running in concert with the rest of your smart home. 

By now, of course, many of us already own a model from the best smart speakers or choose to protect our home with one of the best smart security devices. Homeowners want something quick and easy to activate, and Amazon's goal is that its smart switches should fit in with the rest of your home's smarts.

Naturally, the Basics smart switches are Alexa-powered, able to alter power and toggle brightness (on supported models) using the Alexa app. If you're in the market for a cheaper alternative to the Hue Dimmer, then these could be just the cheaper ticket you've been searching for.

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