5 great movies for kids on Netflix streaming this Easter

Your little ones will love these movies

Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse
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Happy Easter break! Two weeks with the kids at home is a time to enjoy, but sometimes you do just need a moment or the chance to sit down and enjoy a movie together. That's where the best kids movies come in.

You might think that kids movies are solely on Disney+ but the other streaming services have plenty to offer. If you only have a Netflix subscription, don't worry! Here are 5 great movies for kids on Netflix this Easter. 

1. Hilda and the Mountain King 

Hilda and the mountain king

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A feature-length spin-off of the superb animated series Hilda (also on Netflix), this is a show (and movie) that I wish I had when I was a kid. Set in a Scandinavian flavoured fantasy world, the adventurous blue-haired Hilda and her friends Frida and David make a terrifically funny team. 

The movie follows on from the ending of season 2 with Hilda waking up in the body of a troll and running away from home. Whether you watch the series first or just the movie, you're in for a great time. 

2. Early Man

Early Man

(Image credit: Aardman Animations)

No one makes 'em like Aardman does and Early Man is a prime example of that. Set in pre-historic times this comedy tells the story of a group of cavemen (and women) who set up their own football team, Early Man United. 

Eddie Redmayne plays Dug, a plucky caveman who alongside his pet boar Hognob leads a team taking on Tom Hiddlestone's Lord Nooth, the ruler of a bronze-age city that looks down on the savages. It's great fun and has plenty of laughs for kids both big and small. 

3. Mr Bean's Holiday 

Mr Bean's Holiday

(Image credit: Mr Bean)

Arguably the greatest comedy character of all time, Mr Bean's Holiday is a feature-length instalment of slapstick silliness. When he wins a raffle for a trip to Cannes, Bean treats himself to a holiday (still in his trademark tweed jacket). To say France is unprepared for his shenanigans is an understatement. 

Bean befriends a young French boy, but when they are kicked off the train, they have to make their way to Cannes together. Hopefully, it doesn't get interpreted as a kidnapping, but then this is Mr Bean we're talking about. 

4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider Man into the London Verse

(Image credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Quite possibly the best super-hero movie of the 21st century, Into the Spider-Verse is a visual and narrative show stopper. This dimension hopping adventure sees Miles Morales putting together a team of Spider-men, women and even pigs to save the world.

With a gorgeous art style, essential soundtrack and a surprisingly moving story there's no reason not to love this film. Even if you're not a super hero fan, you'll find this a brilliant subversion of the genre. 

5. Leo 


(Image credit: Netflix)

Adam Sandler plays a classroom lizard who is suddenly aware of his own mortality in this heartwarming film. Stuck in a tank with his tortoise buddy Squirtle (Bill Burr) he starts breaking the golden rule, don't talk to the kids. 

Believing he doesn't have long left he ditches plans of escaping to mentor the children through their individual struggles, but with each one believing they are the only one who can hear him speak, it's bound to catch up eventually. I have to admit I wasn't too optimistic when I first saw Leo but it ended up being one of my favourite films of 2023 and I think kids and parents will love it. 

Andy Sansom
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