16-year-old UK teen creates popular Summly app

Chinese billionnaire invests money in Summly which summarises web pages

A 16-year-old Londonder Nick D'Aloisio invented an iPhone app to summarise web page content and search results, and created it while studying for an exam

The iPhone app, calld Summly, has attracted the attention and investment of a Hong Kong-based billionnaire Li Ka-Shing, who is the eleventh wealthiest person in the world according to the Forbes rich list. He has previously invested in Skype, Facebook and Spotify.

The idea for the app came to D'Aloisio while studying for an exam and found the Google search results inefficient. Summly provides a summary of web page content and search results, saving time for those looking.

The product page on iTunes says: "Summly offers you a simpler way to browse and search the web by automatically summarising search results, webpages and news articles. This makes content easier to consume and ensures search results are relevant and can be easily evaluated."

The first version of the app was called TrimIt hit 10,000 downloads and Ka-Shing owned Horizons Ventures stepped in. It invested $250,000 (£162,000 approx) in the app.

TrimIt evolved to Summly and launched in mid-December and has since been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

Currently only a free iPhone app, there are said to be plans to release Android and web versions eventually.

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Via: BBC