Open up your hips with this 5-minute dynamic home workout

Try these 8 exercises to quickly open up those hips – no equipment required!

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Join FightCamp Founding Trainer Flo Master for a quick 5-minute dynamic warm-up/home workout that opens up the hips fast and effectively. Dynamic warm-ups such as this one are essential to prime the body for workouts and better still, they can help offset the negative impact of sitting around all day in the office.

Dynamic exercise routines can also help improve performance and prevent injury by increasing blood flow and oxygen in the body. When done correctly, a dynamic warm-up will also increase flexibility and mobility –all the more reasons to try this workout!

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Now, watch the workout:

How to do this 5-minute dynamic home workout by Flo Master

In this short and effective warm-up, you will complete a series of exercises that will prime the lower body and torso for moving around. Use it before your home workouts or as a quick standalone blast of movement to wake up the body after prolonged periods at your desk.

The exercises in this workout are: 

  • Skipping
  • Side Shuffle
  • High Knees
  • High Knee Shuffle
  • Squat + Gate Opener
  • Reverse Lunge + Torso Twist
  • Leg Swings
  • Crescent Kicks

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