7-minute boxing workout to torch fat and improve stamina – no equipment needed

Get your workout shoes ready, people: it's time to burn fat fast!

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Have you indulged yourself a little too much on Valentine's Day? It's time to burn off those excess calories with this fast boxing workout that only takes seven minutes but will torch fat, fast. This is the perfect routine for a warm-up before exercise or as a stand-alone foundational workout for footwork.

Today's instructor is FightCamp Trainer Jess "Pocket Rocket" Evans who's been introduced to sports when she was only four years old. She started her boxing career in 2012 and later transitioned into Muay Thai. She has a deeply rooted desire to empower women and teach self-defence for prevention against domestic violence.

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How to perform Jess' 7-minute boxing footwork workout

Follow along with Jess as she teaches speed ladder drills for beginner boxers with three rounds of two minutes of work and 20 seconds rest in between each round.

You'll need a speed ladder to perform this workout but you can also do it without any equipment, as long as you can mark the ground somehow. For example, if you're outside, you can use chalk to draw boxes on the concrete.

Either way, we recommend wearing either workout shoes or cross-training shoes for this workout. Boxing gloves and punch bags are strictly optional! 

Some tips for the workout: 

  • Start slow and build speed
  • Stay on the balls of your feet
  • Keep your body over your hips to prevent yourself from falling forward or backwards
  • Don't forget to breathe!

Are you ready? Click play on the video below, and let's get going!

Watch: Jess' 7-minute boxing footwork workout

Jess' 7-minute boxing footwork workout: Exercises explained

Two feet

Step in each square, one foot at a time. Staying on the balls of your feet. Make sure each footstep in each square of the ladder. Pump your arms. 


Step in with one foot and then the other and then step outside of the square with one foot and then the other. Repeat while moving up the ladder.

Single leg hop

On the ball of your foot hop in each square, making sure your body stays above your hips. Slight bend in the knee of the leg that you are jumping with.

Lateral step in, step out

Starting with the first square, step in with your inside foot and then your outside foot, then step out and step out and repeat.

Lateral scissor switches

Start with the inside foot in the square and the other outside in a scissor position and then at the same time jump and switch your feet positioning with the opposite foot in the square the inside foot outside. Then switch continuing down the ladder.

Lateral step jab

Step in the square as you throw the jab. Step out in your stance and then step with your outside leg in the direction you are going. Repeat

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