20-minute full-body HIIT workout to burn fat and boost your metabolism

You won't need any equipment for this T3-exclusive “Box ‘n Burn” shadowboxing follow-along workout

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Join FightCamp (opens in new tab) Founding Trainer Flo Master (opens in new tab) for a 4-Round "Box 'n Burn" shadowboxing workout. The only equipment you will need is your body, water, and a towel. You will learn and use six different punches, footwork, and bodyweight exercises during this total body workout. Get ready to sweat, learn, and have fun!

Fast-paced workouts such as this one can help lose weight easier; in fact, a 2012 study (opens in new tab) showed that "Twelve weeks of HIIE resulted in significant reductions in total, abdominal, trunk, and visceral fat and significant increases in fat-free mass and aerobic power" in overweight young males.

HIIT workouts have other benefits, such as increased metabolic rate, improved cardiovascular health and the fact it's time and space-efficient. This shadowboxing workout is an excellent example of a time and space-conscious HIIT session: you need minimal equipment – wearing workout shoes wouldn't hurt – and very little space to shed fat.

If you like this workout, check out more of Flo's latest workouts on the FighCamp blog, including some of his most recent stuff, such as this 8-Minute Core Workout (opens in new tab) and this 15-Minute At-Home Stress-Reducing Workout (opens in new tab). Free high-quality content, people!

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Watch: Flo Master's 4-Round “Box ‘n Burn” shadowboxing workout

Please remember to take it easy: if at any point you feel weak or out of breath, you'd better take some water and breath to bring your heart rate down. It wouldn't be the worst idea to don a multisport watch or a fitness tracker to keep your heart rate (and calorie burn) in check.

Wearing a fitness wearable is a good idea for another reason. One of the many pitfalls of following a healthy lifestyle is not remembering how much progress you've made, but by tracking your workouts, you'll have a log of all the exercise sessions you had to remind you to keep going.

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