Improve hamstring flexibility with this 6-minute stretching workout

Do these 5 stretches every day and enjoy the benefits of a more flexible hamstring and looser hips

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No matter how flexible you are, there is always room for improvement unless you're a contortionist, in which case, your hamstring flexibility is probably on point. For all the non-contortionists out there, this fast stretching workout can help you loosen up one of the stiffest parts of your body, which will enable you to perform a variety of everyday tasks easier and in more comfort.

Can you touch your toes? Probably not, just like the majority of people. And that's sad as a more flexible hamstring would not only enable you to feel more comfortable, but it can even increase hamstring muscle performance. Another study concluded that "after four weeks of stretching, there was a statistically significant improvement in hamstring length using active stretches."

Interested but not sure where to start? How about giving this 6-minute hamstring and quadriceps (front of the thighs) stretching workout a try? Not all exercises are beginner moves, but you can always adapt them to your skill levels. Can't do splits? Do runner's lunges instead.

Once you are finished with the below workout, check out these FightCamp blog posts: What is strength conditioning? and An advanced shadowboxing workout to step up your boxing game. Why FightCamp? Because they provided the readers of T3 with the stretching workout, of course!

Are you ready to get flexible? Watch the exclusive video below presented by always positive Raquel "Rocky" Harris!

How to this 6-minute hamstring stretching workout

This stretching workout is fast and straightforward: there are only five exercises performed without a break, back-to-back, so to say. Rocky recommends using a wall for some of the moves, and we'd hope everyone has a wall they can use for this kind of activity.

Here are the exercises:

  • Standing Hamstring Stretch (30 seconds on each side): Facing your wall or bag, lift up one knee in front of your opposite hip, abduct away and extend your leg simultaneously. Place your heel on the wall with your leg extended in front of you. To deepen the stretch, turn the standing leg 45 degrees outwards.
  • Front Quad/Hip Stretch (30 seconds on each side): From a standing position, face away from the wall. Next, lift your knee up to your side then adduct towards your spine. Next, extend your leg upward towards the ceiling and place your instep on the wall. Bend down and extend your standing leg to lengthen the stretch.
  • Seated Hamstring Stretch (60 seconds): From a seated position, extend your legs out in front of you. Inhale, on exhale reach your hands forward and lower your cheek, neck, then head to your knees.
  • Middle Split (60 seconds): Start standing. Bend forward and place your hands on the floor. Next, use your feet to slide your legs parallel into a straddle position. Transition onto your forearms to deepen the stretch.
  • Side Split (60 seconds): Start in a kneeling position with hands to either side of you. Next press your hips towards your glutes and transition onto your front heel. Extend your front leg then use your heel to slide the front leg forward into a side split. 

In the video, Rocky says you can perform the workout as many times as you wish; however, we would advise everyone to be careful as you can easily overexert the hamstrings/quads by stretching them for too long.

It's also worth mentioning that some of the stretching exercises in this workout are advanced moves, and you shouldn't try replicating them if you haven't got enough strength and/or flexibility. Be sensible.

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