Planning to buy an iPhone 14 Pro Max? I'd wait for an iPhone 15 Ultra

iPhone 14 Pro Max stock is finally available – but is it too late to be worthwhile?

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra phone in silver and gold on white background
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If you're on the look out for the best iPhone, there really is only one place to look. The iPhone 14 Pro Max features all of the best technology Apple have to offer. It's the very definition of a premium handset, and one of the best phones money can buy.

But recently, all the money in the world has been unable to buy you one. A host of supply chain issues – from unprecedented levels of demand to Covid-19 restrictions putting the brakes on at the main production facility – have made getting hold of an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max virtually impossible.

That seems to have all changed though, with the iPhone 14 Pro models back in stock and seemingly set to stay that way. It means that any fans of Apple's premium handsets can go out and buy one right now – but should they?

I don't think so.

When the iPhone 14 Pro Max was released, it was everything you'd expect the top-of-the-range iPhone to be. And it's still undeniably a fantastic handset.

But with the iPhone 15 range now roughly nine months away, is it worth holding out for a next generation device? In this case, I believe it is – specifically for the iPhone 15 Ultra.

We've already heard a stack of rumours about the Ultra – including a titanium frame to a new 3nm processor – which look set to make it the defining iPhone of a generation. The titanium frame should make it even lighter, while haptic side buttons replacing physical ones should boost water resistance for an overall more rugged package.

Internally, a 3nm processor should make for a more efficient device, which, in turn, would mean better battery life. Plus, the addition of a USB-C connector will improve data transfer speeds for an overall more speedy experience.

Normally, I would never suggest waiting for a device that hasn't been released yet – you never know what is coming until it gets officially announced, and historic updates from major manufacturers have been a mixed bag. But if even half of those rumoured updates come true, were looking at a much more well equipped handset.

If you're in the market to drop more than £1,000 on a handset, its worth taking your time to get the right one. In this case, I think almost everyone would be better off with the Ultra – if for nothing other than an additional degree of futureproofing. And if not, you can always reap the benefit of a cheaper 14 Pro Max once the next generation is released.

Sam Cross
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