Best iPad Apps: the top free and paid apps for Apple iPad

T3's pick of the hottest apps for Apple's iPad

Whether you're looking for a great new tool for free or you've got money to spend on the latest entertainment app, check out T3's app experts'; pick of the hottest new apps for both of Apple's iPad devices

Apple's third iPad (not the iPad 3, mind), is cleaning up in the tablet market. But which of the tens of thousands of apps available are worth your attention? Each month T3 checks out the latest and greatest offerings from the App Store. Click through to the pages below to see what they've uncovered this month.

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Best free iPad apps
Hours of fun and loads of essential tools all available without having to part with a sinlge penny. Check out our pick of the best iPad apps that you can download right now for free.
Top 10 iPad Apps | Best Apps

Best paid iPad apps
If you're going to spend money on apps, you want to make sure you're getting value for your buck. Check out all the best iPad apps available to buy from Apple's App Store now.
Top 10 iPad Apps | Best Apps

Best free iPad apps video
Want more of the best apps? Check out our best free iPad apps video below for all the latest and best you can get for Apple's tablet then why not head over to the T3 App Chart to see full reviews.