10 Best Facebook apps to add to your profile

How to make the most of the new Facebook surroundings

10 Facebook apps that proves there is more to the social networking website wonder than Farmville and poking people you went to school with...

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, it's hard to imagine that he thought about sending invitations to play Mafia Wars would be part of his social networking wonder. As well as getting in some sneaky Facebook gaming action during work, your life from ex-girlfriends to the Sunday roast you ate last week can be chronicled for the world to see.

With the recent arrival of the now mandatory Facebook Timeline, we've picked out 10 Facebook apps to remind you that the office time-waster can actually be quite useful.

Networked Blogs

Bringing the blog community to the Facebook realm, this useful tool is perfect for promoting your own personal blog site. Users can also share other blog content they believe might be of interest to friends, as well as favouriting their own selections in a RSS-style system.


The DivShare Facebook app lets users store image, document, audio and video files up to 5GB with the added luxury of having everything located in one easy-to-reach place. Files can be transferred between Facebook friends at the click of the button, and everything is easily accessible via the dashboard.

Norton Safe Web

A useful safety tool to keep those minds at ease. Norton Safe Web scans users' Facebook wall for malicious links and content, warning them before they click on anything nasty. The app is certainly a popular one, having passed the million user mark last year, and continues to grow as threats on social networks rise.

Privacy Defender

Useful for anyone who's ever had photos of their drunken escapades viewed by unwanted eyes, Privacy Defender ensures your Facebook privacy is exactly how you want it. With nifty, colourful graphs to illustrate restriction levels, users need only to enter their desired levels of privacy - and Privacy Defender does the rest.


LivingSocial is an extremely popular deal-searching platform, and its Facebook app means finding great local deals is easier than ever. From restaurants to package holidays, there's an range of real-time discounts on products and services for users to search through.


Zoho is an online office space that lets users collaborate on projects in real time, and the Zoho Office Suite offers users a seamless link between their Zoho and Facebook accounts. Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases are among the range of features, which can be stored afterwards and shared with friends.

Trip Advisor - Cities I've Visited

Using an interactive map, the Trip Advisor application lets users plot places they've visited or intend to visit in the future. There's certainly an element of “travel boasting” but the ability to share this information is useful for when friends are looking for advice on their own global voyages.


Jobster connects users with company hirers to notify them about available jobs, while providing employees with users' Facebook information. Integration is seamless, making the experience user friendly. It also lets Facebook users contact friends at selected companies to ask for career advice.


Especially good for business networking and marketing, this nifty app displays all of your Feedburner blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds on your Facebook page. It also lets you invite friends to view and subscribe to your feeds directly from their Facebook account


If you want to bring a more social feel to your running, the tracking app shares all workout data to your Facebook friends including your current fitness status and whether you've actually been slouched on the sofa all day. Running aside, you can also track cycling, swimming, hiking and a whole host of other sports.