Best cycling shorts 2023 for a faster, more comfortable ride

Best cycling shorts for any weather and occasion, from MTB and commuting to urban bike shorts and more

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You know how essential the best cycling shorts are if you ever rode a bike for longer than five minutes. As the last layer between you and the saddle, padded cycling shorts perform a crucial function: letting you cycle for hours without chafing or saddle sores.

There are two types of cycling shorts: waist shorts and bib shorts (we covered the latter in our best bib shorts guide). Waist shorts have an elastic waist, are often cheaper, and are a popular choice for newer and casual cyclists. On the other hand, bib shorts are the choice of cyclists who cover longer distances since these shorts stay up thanks to the comfortable supporting braces but can make toilet stops more complicated. 

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Best cycling shorts to buy right now

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How to choose the best cycling shorts

All cycling shorts have some degree of padding, which is where they differ from your average pair, although how much is up to you. The same goes for the price. If possible, it's always worth grabbing your bike helmet and going for a test run in new cycle shorts before setting off on a long ride just to make sure everything sits as it should.

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