The best Amazon Echo Show deals for September 2018

Alexa's video AI is the biggest of the Echo devices. Here are the smallest of the prices available on it

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You can order the Echo Show on and from Amazon UK

Headline features on the Show include the ability to act as a digital photo frame, with the Echo Show pulling any pictures stored on a user's Prime Photos account, showing a song's lyrics on screen when a track is being played with Amazon Music, relaying video feeds from any connected security cameras. 

The screen can also show movies and video clips, and while it's clearly not the most cinematic experience, it is a valuable kitchen companion when you need entertaining.

What will no doubt be the biggest selling point for many is access to video (and voice) calling of anyone with an Echo device or the Alexa app on their phone. This works excellently.

Aside from the new 7-inch touchscreen, technically the device is largely similar to the Amazon Echo, however, the Echo Show has eight microphones instead of 7, as well as a pair of two-inch speakers in the bottom frame and a five-megapixel front-facing camera. 

With Amazon Echo Show anyone can make or receive calls through the device providing that they have the Alexa app installed, with a new feature called "Drop In" allowing designated friends and family to make a call at any time even on a friend's system.

Other uses of the screen include a rotating selection of news headlines that you can ask Alexa to go into more detail on, visual accompaniments to Alexa's weather and news skills, and a neat little countdown graphic as timers come to their conclusion.