The best Google Nest deals for June 2023

Google Nest smart speakers can be yours right now for a fantastic price, from the smaller Google Nest Mini to the big Google Home Max, and Google Nest Hub smart screens

Google Nest deals 2022, showing Nest Audio against a yellow background
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Welcome to our best Google Nest deals page – these smart speakers bring the smarts of Google's web search and voice assistant right into your living room (or kitchen, or bedroom). Alongside the Amazon Echo it's one of the best in its field – and also one of the best value smart home devices you can get.

And you may not have to pay as much as you think: these speakers are regularly discounted, as Google and the other stockists of Nest Home drive prices down on it to stay competitive. We'll bring you all the lowest prices, updated live, for all the products here.

You've got a range of options for different rooms – the Nest Audio is the mid-size option, the Google Nest Mini (2nd gen) is the cheaper and smallest option, and the Google Nest Hub and the bigger Google Nest Hub Max are smart screen options, giving you a display as well as audio responses.

When you are ready to buy, you can head straight to this page to make sure you're getting the lowest price possible – we've scoured the shops of the web, compared the figures, and listed the best deals of the day for you below.

Still not convinced? Google Home/Nest lets you stream audio (from podcasts to music), set timers and alarms, and control various bits of smart home tech around your home. On top of that, it answers your Google search questions.

It comes in a variety of metal and fabric finishes so you can pick something that fits in with your current décor, and it's constantly getting upgraded via Google's servers in the cloud so you can keep on doing more with it.

If you haven't already kitted out your house with Amazon Echo speakers then the Google Home is definitely worth considering. If you've got the money, you could consider installing both, for a smart speaker head-to-head.

Google Home / Google Nest deals

These speakers are already priced very competitively, so we tend not to see prices being knocked down a massive amount but any discount is a discount worth having. Today's best prices are listed below.

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