Best non-stick frying pan 2021 for cooking with less fat and a lot less sticking and burning

The best non-stick frying pans: even eggs dare not stick to these Teflon dons

Included in this guide:

The best non-stick frying pans

Choosing the best non-stick pan is an essential kitchen duty for most home chefs. Even more advanced cooks, who like to dabble in cast iron and steel pans – which acquire natural non-stick properties with use and seasoning – still reach for the Teflon Don, when it's time to cook eggs and other sticky foods.

We all know the struggle can be real when it comes to frying. Not only does food sticking to the bottom mean it tends to burn, but it can also leave you with a nasty clean-up job. However with the best non-stick pans, you can improve your meals and reduce the effort involved in cleaning up afterwards.

•  Check out our guide to buying and caring for non-stick pans

We've gathered the best non-stick frying and sauté pans for your convenience. We also have a list of the best saucepan sets, some of which include at least one non-stick option. You can thank us later when you're enjoying your scrambled eggs without having to leave the pan soaking in hot water and bicarbonate of soda. 

Going back to school? A new non-stick pan should be on your college shopping list. As should a large number of other things, if the following handy guides are anything to go by…

There's something for everyone here, whether you're a high-spending chef – check out our best Le Creuset deals too – or a Tefal head who wants a quality pan on a budget. 

The best frying pans we've cooked with and tested

Samuel Groves Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Non-Stick frying pan on white backgroundT3 Award

(Image credit: Samuel Groves)

1. Samuel Groves Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Non-Stick frying pan

The best pan quite a lot of money can buy

Non-stick Type: Toughened non-stick
Handle: Stainless steel
Available in (cm): 20 / 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 / 30 (stock levels vary)
Reasons to buy
+Excellent non-stick+Beautiful and long-lasting steel+Genuine lifetime warranty
Reasons to avoid
-No lids available

The King of Pans is better looking than Le Creuset, has non-stick that is as good or better than Le Creuset – it's hard to scientifically declare a winner here – and offers a better warranty than Le Creuset. Oh, and the pans are generally a little cheaper than the equivalent Le Cruze tri-ply steel-and-non-stick numbers.

Samuel Groves pans are an absolute pleasure to use. They are suitable for any hob, and oven-proof to 200ºC. They also come with a 10-year warranty on the non-stick, followed by a 'Pans for Life' promise to re-line the pans, mend any dodgy rivets and then polish the exterior to an 'as new' state. That is a pretty incredible offer, although you do of course have to promise never to grossly overheat the pans, use metal utensils on them, or clean them with wire wool and Brasso. 

Oh, and it comes with a biodegradable hessian bag that you could use 'to keep potatoes in'. Okay, fine. Why not?

Smeg non-stick frying pan in cream finish on white background. Also available in black and red

(Image credit: SMEG)

2. SMEG frying pan

Beautiful looking, premium non-stick pan

Non-stick Type: Toughened non-stick
Handle: Stainless steel
Available in (cm): 24cm, 26cm, 28cm
Reasons to buy
+Excellent non-stick+Looks very attractive+Nice handle design
Reasons to avoid
-Quite premium, of course

Not all that widely available but well worth searching out, the first cookware range from SMEG of Italy includes this stunning non-stick pan. Available in 24, 26 and 28cm varieties, the pans are most notable for their matt, almost enamel-like exterior finish. This looks great in cream or red, although there is also a more boring black finish available as well. I'm finding the finish is weathering very well so far, after about 3 months of regular use. 

Probably more important to those whose lives are not governed entirely by aesthetics, the non-stick interior is also proving to be both very effective and resistant to being heated up and scraped. I've been doing it in the dishwasher on a quick wash, with only a small amount of dishwasher liquid and that's been working well. 

The handle is well designed too. It stays quite cool when the going gets tough and it dries easily despite being hollow. The rest of the matching range includes a wok, casserole and a deeper version of this pan and you can buy matching lids too.  

Tefal Expertise on white backgroundT3 Award

3. Tefal Expertise Frying Pan

Best cheap non-stick frying pan

Non-stick Type: Tefal coating
Handle: Silicone
Available in (cm): 21 / 24 / 26 / 28 / 30 / 32
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Thermospot technology
Reasons to avoid
-Lid costs extra 

If you like the look of the Le Creuset at #1, but don’t want to pay that much for a frying pan, then the Tefal Expertise Frying Pan is a fantastic alternative that won’t break the bank. This is one of the best non stick frying pans for everyday use because it is extremely durable – thanks to 'Titanium Excellence’ technology, yet is also affordable and easy to look after. 

Experienced chefs may poo-poo the Thermospot technology, which tells you when your pan is at the optimum temperature for cooking, but it is bloody handy. Unlike cheaper Tefal pans, the Expertise range is induction compatible. The pans are also easy to clean, and Tefal is so bullish about their longevity it even claims they are 'safe to use with metal utensils'. I would not do that, personally, but they are very well made for the price. 

Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Shallow Frying Pan on white backgroundT3 Award

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

4. Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Shallow Frying Pan

The best pan even more money can buy

Non-stick Type: Toughened non-stick
Handle: Stainless steel
Available in (cm): 20 / 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 / 30
Reasons to buy
+New three-layer nonstick coating+Durable and long-lasting+Gently sloped lip for easy flipping
Reasons to avoid
-Use with caution above medium heat 

Like most things Le Creuset, this shallow frying pan pays back its cost with years of delicious food and hassle-free clean-up. Made of hard-anodised steel and coated both inside and out with a new ultra durable three-layer reinforced non-stick surface, it heats up rapidly and evenly, and cooks up a storm at Le Creuset’s recommended medium temperatures. In fact, the manual drums home the message that it should rarely be used for long periods on a high heat because a) it isn’t necessary and b) it damages the non-stick coating.

The Le Creuset is compatible with all hobs, including induction – and it’s oven-proof too. Its riveted stainless steel handle, meanwhile, is well shaped for an easy grip and it stays surprisingly cool, although not if you put it in the oven, of course – use a glove. The pan is also well balanced and not too heavy for shuffling back and forth over the heat source, while the shallow, gently sloping edge makes it really easy to flip eggs and pancakes using a spatular, or turner as they’re more commonly known.

As usual with this type of pan, Le Creuset says it's dishwasher safe but then, er… advises you not to put it in the dishwasher. However, with its extra thick non-stick coating, it's a cinch to rinse and wipe clean. You could use this pan for years and, if looked after, it’ll remain almost as good as new. Another top buy.

GreenPan Venice on white backgroundT3 Approved Award

5. GreenPan Venice Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pan

It’s easy being green with this thermolon coated fryer

Non-stick Type: Thermolon ceramic
Handle: Stainless steel
Available in (cm): 20 / 24
Reasons to buy
+Safely heated up to 450 celsius+No harmful chemicals
Reasons to avoid
-On the heavy side

This eco-friendly fryer from GreenPan is a good all-rounder. Its Thermolon coating means that this pan is free from lead, cadmium and other chemicals that you may be concerned about. Instead, it uses a ceramic non-stick. It still keeps its hard-anodised base and wipe-clean finish inside and out, and it’s suitable for all hob types. Please note there is no conclusive evidence to suggest PTFE – the Teflon-type coating used in most non-stick pans – is unsafe. But ceramic is definitely safe.

The GreenPan Venice's non-stick qualities are not quite as impressive as PTFE, but they are good enough for most purposes, particularly if you avoid cooking at excessive temperatures.

Robert Welch Campden on white backgroundT3 Approved Award

6. Robert Welch Campden

A great-looking non-stick pan

Non-stick type: ceramic
Available in (cm): 24 / 28
Handle: stainless steel
Reasons to buy
+Excellent heat distribution+Classy looks
Reasons to avoid
-Finish easily stained by excess heat

Robert Welch produces some of the most elegant kitchen equipment on the market and this superb 24cm skillet is a case in point. Constructed entirely from high quality mirror-like stainless steel – the base is a three-ply mix of copper and stainless steel – the heavyweight Campden transfers and retains heat exceedingly well, which means you can fry stuff at much lower temperatures. 

Its ceramic non stick coating is excellent, too, and guaranteed for 10 years. No question, this pan looks a million quid but be mindful that its outer surface is easily tarnished by too wide a flame, so keep it away from the wok burner. But then we already told you that in the intro…

Jean-Patrique The Whatever Pan on white backgroundT3 Approved Award

(Image credit: Jean-Patrique)

7. Jean-Patrique The Whatever Pan

Best non-stick griddle for high-heat oven and hob use

Non-stick type: Undisclosed
Available in (cm): 27
Handle: Die cast aluminium
Reasons to buy
+Excellent choice for fatty food frying+Perfect for vegetables+Oven and induction hob ready
Reasons to avoid
-Not great with lean meats

If you’re in the market for a very decent non-stick pan that is just as happy in the oven as it is on any hob (gas or induction), then meet this contender from UK-based French-style kitchenware producer Jean-Patrique.

Measuring in at 27cm in diameter, the Whatever Pan is basically a griddle with deep ridges for frying, sautéing, grilling or stewing pretty much anything you put in it. The deep sides are excellent at keeping spills at bay and if it ever gets a bit too pear shaped on the spitting front or you’re making a sauce, simple pop on the supplied glass lid with breather hole. Just be mindful that the two carry handles get hot as hell even when on the hob, so wear some mitts as a precaution.

Constructed out of die cast aluminium with a bonded steel base that makes it acceptable for induction hobs, this pan can allegedly withstand heat up to 250˚C (180˚C for the lid). Bloody hot, in other words.

We tried it with a variety of foods. The hamburgers were a revelation – caramelised outer with stripes, succulent centre and mercifully devoid of fatty taste. Delicious, in other words. However, the lean fillet steaks didn’t fare so well – they were dry and pretty flavourless because all the juices were captured between the ridges. So, with that in mind, we would suggest using this for frying anything with a high-fat content – ribeye, sausages, bacon, mince etc – and avoid using it for leaner meats. Vegetables like aubergine, courgette are absolutely fine though. In fact vegetables are great in it and benefit visually too with nice black scorch lines across their surfaces.

For the price, this pan performs exceedingly well. Furthermore, it’s the only model on this page to come with a glass lid and that’s always handy to have to hand.

best non-stick pan: Stellar SX35T3 Approved Award

(Image credit: Stellar)

8. Stellar SX35

Best budget-priced non-stick grill pan

Non-stick Type: Non-stick
Handle: aluminium
Available in (cm): 26x26 square
Reasons to buy
+Cheap but well made+Well designed sear lines
Reasons to avoid
-Grill pans don't really need to be non-stick

Some home chefs love every pan they use to be non-stick. That's not exactly a purist's point of view, but there's nothing wrong with embracing easy-clean convenience. While I would recommend a larger cast iron or enamelled grill pan for most hob grilling purposes, if you must have a non-stick one, this Stellar griddle is as good as it gets in the non-stick realm. 

Large enough for steaks that aren't brontosaurus sized, this has well raised, sharp grill lines to sear, while the tough non-stick coating makes flipping food and cleaning afterwards easy. Comes with a lifetime guarantee and works with all hob types including induction. 

Circulon on white backgroundT3 Approved Award

9. Circulon Ultimum High Density Forged Sauté pan

Best non-stick sauté pan

Non-stick type: proprietary Ultra Total Hi-Low non stick
Available in (cm): 24
Handle: stainless steel
Reasons to buy
+Perfect for searing and sauces+Lidded and oven safe+Much more versatile than a pan
Reasons to avoid
-Takes up more cupboard space

A sauté pan like this excellent 24cm forged aluminium offering from US giant Circulon cooks and fries just like a shallow frying pan, but it's higher sides and lid mean you can shake it back and forth more vigorously without ingredients spilling over the edge. 

Consequently, it’s perfect for everything from sauces and searing meats to sautéing (stir-frying) vegetables. It's also a a handy shape for scooping out small runaway ingredients like mini vine tomatoes and fried chorizo pieces. 

Part of the Ultimum range, this one is constructed with three layers of premium non-stick coating while the reinforced steel base ensures even, speedy cooking. It’s dishwasher safe, oven safe up to a commendable 260ºC and induction hob compatible, too. 

Tefal Ideal on white backgroundT3 Approved Award

10. Tefal Ideal

Best non-stick frying pan for eggs

Non-stick Type: Tefal coating
Handle: Silicone
Available in (cm): 12
Reasons to buy
+Cheap+Durable and easy to clean
Reasons to avoid
-Not suitable for induction or very hot ovens

Tefal Ideal is a cheaper range from Tefal that has pans to suit anyone who doesn't want to cook at very high temperatures, or on induction. The model pictured here is called the One Egg Wonder, so you can probably guess what it's for, but tefal has a cheap non-stick pan to suit most needs.

The egg-specific Ideal One Egg Wonder costs very little and whether you like them sunny side up or over easy, this non-stick miniature pan can make the perfect egg in minutes. It’s surprisingly versatile, too. You can start your cooking on the hob and finish in the oven, up to 180 degrees celsius, and if treated well, the non-stick coating is protected by a lifetime guarantee. 

You can't really go wrong with Tefal non-stick pans, if you're on a tight budget.

Green Earth Frying Pan on white backgroundT3 Approved Award

11. Green Earth Frying Pan

Best REALLY cheap non-stick frying pan

Non-stick Type: Ceramic
Available in (cm): 20 / 24 / 28
Handle: Silicone
Reasons to buy
+Looks cool+No hot spots
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn’t last as long as others 

If you think that all non-stick frying pans look the same, then this one will brighten up your kitchen in an instant. Not all about colour though, this is a chemical-free, non-stick frying pan that is leading the way in more environmentally friendly cooking. So, if you’re an eco-warrior but can’t afford the ScanPan or GreenPan (both further down this list), this is the one to get.  Its high-quality anodised aluminium construction reduces risk of hot spots, meaning you get a truly even cook, and while it's not going to trouble the Le Creusets of the world, or even the Tefals, the Green Earth is a very good pan.  

Anolon Advanced+ Umber skillet on white backgroundT3 Approved Award

12. Anolon Advanced+ Umber skillet

Best deeper frying pan

Non-stick type: Teflon
Available in (cm): 22 / 25 / 30
Handle: rubber/steel
Reasons to buy
+Comfy handle with good grip+Resists scratches
Reasons to avoid
-Relatively small cooking area

This mid-priced 25cm French skillet (that's another word for 'deep frying pan') is just the right size for a pair of almond-crusted Gressingham duck breasts or a decent serving of sautéd veg. 

It’s quite a looker too, with its dark bronze pigment and comfy SureGrip rubber wood-effect handle. The shell of the Advanced+ is made from hard-anodized aluminium coated in metal utensil-safe nonstick Teflon while the sturdy stainless steel base ensures suitability for all hobs, including induction. It’ll also happily handle oven temperatures of up to 200˚C. 

This is an efficient, keenly priced option that heats quickly and is just the right size for smaller hobs. A bargain, no less.

How to buy the best non-stick frying pan for you

Our list of the best non-stick pans rounds up the top pans for all budgets and levels of expertise. They're all robustly constructed, usually with the non-stick applied to aluminium or stainless steel, with comfortable, oven-safe handles. 

You probably have questions about non-stick pans. Here, let us answer them...

Are non-stick pans safe?

The short answer is 'yes, with certain caveats'. The longer answer can be found at  the link above.

Are non-stick pans dishwasher proof?

Most non-stick pans claim to be dishwasher proof, but then add that years of dishwasher cleaning will adversely effect them. So in other words, NO they are not, if you really want to ever take advantage of that 10-year or 'lifetime' guarantee that many come with. 

On the other hand, if you're happy with about 5 years of use and prefer the convenience of dishwashing, go ahead. 

Are non-stick pans oven safe?

Most are, so long as the handle isn't made of non-oven-proof plastic or wood. Each pan's packaging will usually detail what the maximum oven temperature you can get away with is. A better question might be, are they induction hob ready? If a magnet doesn't attach firmly to the base, the answer is 'no'.

We have a much longer guide to buying and caring for non-stick pans, if you want to do more in-depth research.

How can I make non-stick pans last longer?

Simple: don't clean them in a dishwasher, and don't subject them to extreme heat – ie: above 180º in the oven, or on your hottest burner at full whack. That's true whether you're using induction, gas or ceramic. And don't slice things in your precious non-stick frying pan with a chef's knife.

Non-stick pans are really designed for use on low to moderate heat. The best ones conduct heat so well that this is all they need. You can turn the heat right up for short periods to sear meat, but for maximum longevity, don't do this for more than a minute or so. Use a cast iron pan instead if you're into ultra-manly, mega-heat-based cooking.

A happy side effect of cooking on a slightly lower heat is that cleaning is much easier, so you can do it by hand. With more expensive pans you can practically get away with a quick wipe with a tea towel after some meals.

Oh, and for god's sake, don't turn up the burner so flame (or the edges of a halogen hob) extend beyond the base of the pan. That's like farting in a lift. With an induction hob, you can't heat beyond the edge of a pan, so they're fully safe in that respect.

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