Best HIIT workout gear 2022: get fit at home the high intensity way

High-intensity interval training needn’t be daunting: here's everything you need to get started

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Best HIIT workout gear
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The best HIIT workout gear isn't necessarily expensive, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is by this point definitely not a fitness fad. It's a well established and proven way to get fit, improve your overall health, have a heart like a racehorse and the body of a demi-god or goddess. Need more encouragement? Here are five reason why you should try HIIT today and also the best HIIT workout to get things going. 

Although there is no magic wand you can wave to tone up, lose weight and gain muscle quickly – so don't believe all those spurious 'get ripped in two weeks' claims from dodgy products – a HIIT workout, performed a few times a week, is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get fit, lose weight and get a six pack. You might need some workout shoes, though, and maybe one kettlebell too.

High intensity interval training is all about fitting in a lot of work in a short space of time. We'll tell you what a HIIT workout actually is, how to get started and the gear you'll need to torch all that holiday fat and build your perfect body this year. Yes, it's hard work, but you can make your life easier (and your body better) by using the right tools for the job.

Best HIIT workout gear to buy in 2022

best HIIT workout gear: BeMaxx jump rope

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BeMaxx Speed Rope II Fitness

One of the best skipping ropes on the market

Adjustable steel cable:
Ball-bearing swivel joints:
Reasons to buy
+Light and fast+Adjustable for different heights+Free workout guide
Reasons to avoid
-Empty List

Skipping is often overlooked, but it's one of the best ways to get a high-intensity sweat on while developing great co-ordination. Used by everyone from Crossfit pros to world champion boxers, to small girls, a skipping rope is one of the best ways to burn fat. Never tried it and think we're kidding? Try skipping for two minutes and see how far you get…

This is one of the best ropes on the market, too. The BeMaxx Speed Rope II is adjustable, so you can get the perfect length no matter your height. It's durable, lightweight and portable: a bit of open space is all you need for a great beginner-friendly HIIT workout. 

best HIIT workout gear: Mirafit Battle Jump Rope

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Mirafit Battle Jump Rope

Weighted jump rope for ultra-intense HIIT workouts

Material: Polyester weave
Weight: 1.1 - 3.9 kg
Suitable for outdoors: Yes
Thickness: 1-2"
Reasons to buy
+Great all-over body workout +Rapid sweat initiation +Easy to use
Reasons to avoid
-Noisy (when in use, obviously)

• Buy the Mirafit Battle Jump Rope directly from Mirafit, prices from £15.95

Skipping is a majorly underrated type of exercising, despite it being used by boxers to improve endurance and cardio performance. The Mirafit Battle Jump Rope combines the best aspects of jump ropes and battle ropes and provides a full body workout without having to fix one end of the rope to an anchor point.

This makes the Battle Jump Rope highly portable and practical: you can use it at home, in the park or in the gym gym. That said, given the weight of the ropes, it can be rather noisy when doing skips using this rope, something a downstairs neighbour might not appreciate all that much.

The black polyester weave the rope is made of is super durable while the rubber coated handles provide comfortable grip and prevent fraying. The Mirafit Battle Jump Rope can be bought in a variety of sizes and even the most expensive option is comparatively cheap.

Best HIIT workout gear: TRX Slam Ball

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TRX Slam Ball

A more compact HIIT must-have

Weight range: 6-50 lbs
Construction: Textured rubber
Reasons to buy
+Great quality+Easy to store+Multi-use
Reasons to avoid
-Noisy-Demands good form

• Buy TRX Slam Balls directly from TRX

If you're wondering what on earth a slam ball is, it's a heavy, rubber ball that you heave, slam down into the floor and repeat until you feel dizzy from exertion. If you've ever seen someone at the gym throw a medicine ball on the floor ad nauseum, that's what they're up to. 

Slam balls are noisy and obtrusive, so they're not for people who don't like unwanted attention at the gym, but they are also versatile and work a huge array of muscle groups, giving an excellent all-round workout.

Performing HIIT with a slam ball requires dedication, lots of power and good form, to avoid any unnecessary strains or injuries. It's worth it, though, as repeatedly mashing a heavy ball into the ground gets the blood pumping and feels awesome. You can also use them as a traditional medicine ball if you feel so inclined, using them to twist while doing sit-ups and other core exercises.

Best HIIT workout gear: RDX Power Bag

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RDX Weight Training Power Bag

Heave, haul and heft your way to a better body

Leather casing:
Four handle:
Zip enclosure:
Reasons to buy
+Versatile training tool+For outdoor and indoor use+Adjustable weight
Reasons to avoid
-Relatively bulky

• Shop RDX Powerbags at Amazon, from £20

Anybody who's trained for rugby has encountered one of these. Powerbags are simply weighted leather sacks, usually filled with sand, that you can lift, throw and swing around your body. 

Available in several different weights, ideal for both the beginner trainee and seasoned pro, the RDX Weight Training Power Bag can be unzipped, allowing you to adjust its weight further by pouring out (or adding more) sand to the receptacle. The tough leather will ensure it won't split, while the bag is also waterproof so it can be used outdoors. 

ONNIT Primal Kettlebell

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ONNIT Primal Kettlebell

Kettlebell swings are a fat-burning, muscle-building staple

Weight range: 36-90 lbs
Material: Cast iron
Reasons to buy
+Essential fitness kit+Sturdy and durable+Can be used in a whole vista of ways

• Buy ONNIT Primal Kettlebells at ONNIT, prices from $42.95

You know what this one is. The kettlebell is a light-ish weight that can be used in dynamic movements such as kettlebell swings to get you sweating. Five one-minute sets of kettlebell swings, with one minute of rest in between, is sure to get your heart rate up. 

The Primal kettlebell range from ONNIT is about as good as it gets. There's a finite amount to say – it's a good-quality lump of metal with a handle, in the weight you expect – but it's pleasant to handle, has a splash of colour and will last you forever. 

Best home gym machines for HIIT

JTX Mission Air Bike review

(Image credit: JTX Fitness)

JTX Mission Air Bike

Robust as hell air bike for serious atheletes

Display: Yes
Weight: 63.5 kg
Dimensions: 122.5cm (l) x 55cm (w) x 120cm(h)
Performance tracking: Time, pace, distance, speed, calories, watts
Adjustable seat: Seat adjusts vertically and horizontally
Reasons to buy
+Small footprint+Provides a full body workout+Comparatively cheap+Doesn't require a power outlet
Reasons to avoid
-Loud when in use-Media ledge is too small for tablets-JTX only delivers in the UK

The JTX Mission Air Bike is a robust home exercise bike that can provide a full body workout in itself. It is small enough to be transported around the house if needed but stable enough to stay still when it’s time to work out on it. The fact that it doesn’t require an external power source makes it ideal for non-communal spaces such as garage gyms or home gyms set up spare rooms.

And it is probably best to keep the JTX Mission Air Bike away from communal areas at home as it can generate quite a lot of noise when the fans are going full speed. If you don’t mind the noise – or have a decent pair of noise cancelling headphones at hand – we would recommend getting the JTX Mission Air Bike, especially if you are after a cardio machine that can work your whole body, hard.

• Read our full JTX Mission Air Bike review

Wattbike Atom

(Image credit: Wattbike)

Wattbike Atom

Best exercise bike for HIIT

Gears: 22
Gradient range: 0 - 24 per cent
Smartphone connectivity: Yes
Connectivity: ANT+ FEC/ANT+/Bluetooth Smart Control
Reasons to buy
+Realistic riding experience+Great connectivity+Plenty of resistance levels

Many of the studies that have looked into the effects and benefits of HIIT have centred on the humble exercise bike, as it's one of the easiest ways to exert maximum effort – you simply spin furiously until it feels like your lungs are about to explode. No wonder Soulcycle is so popular. 

The Wattbike Atom is one of the most realistic riding experiences you can get without venturing outdoors, as it looks and feels like a lithe carbon road racer, yet it is easily connected to Zwift and other interactive apps that make the business of working out more fun. If you have a suitable bike of your own, you might alternatively consider one of the best turbo trainers.

best treadmill: ProForm Pro 1000

ProForm Pro 1000

Pro-spec treadmill without the pro price tag

Reasons to buy
+Steep incline setting+Workout fan to keep cool+Pro-grade motor
Reasons to avoid

This isn't the cheapest piece piece of home gym equipment but it is also no way near the most expensive treadmill, yet it offers some extremely competitive features.

These include a generous 12 percent incline gradient, built-in workout fan, 32 pre-set workout programmes and an LED display that offers all sorts of fitness metrics to suit various training regimes.

Great for heavy use, the treadmill features a professional grade motor that is built with high-grade components and features a dynamically spin-balanced assembly (whatever that means) to power the treadmill up to a top speed of 22 kph / 13.6 mph. 

That might not be full commercial gym sprint pace, but it's more than enough for a domestic jog. 

best hiit workout gear

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What is a HIIT workout?

High-Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT for short) is all about working out at maximum intensity over short intervals, pushing your heart rate up as fast as possible. Instead of jogging for 20 minutes, you'd be running flat-out for 30 seconds to a minute, resting for one minute, and doing that 10 times. 

HIIT has been a staple of the fitness community over the last decade, with good reason: a study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that HIIT workouts burned fat 28% faster than moderate-intensity exercise like jogging.

Sounds good, right? It's an efficient way to spend less time in the gym because HIIT achieves a calorie burn faster than steady-state cardio. It makes exercise easier to fit into your schedule and improves your capacity for aerobic exercise. 

In terms of equipment, what you'll need is something that will make you sweat and sweat quickly. This can be anything from a skipping rope to a full-blown skillmill. All exercise machines are a great way to get a HIIT workout, but you can also get an effective workout with just an inexpensive skipping rope.

Also, what's metcon and is it good for getting fit at home?

How to buy the best HIIT workout equipment

When it comes to buying fitness equipment, you need to approach it realistically. You could fill your house with pull-up bars and wattbikes, but you need to make sure you'll be using the kit you buy. t's worth being truly honest with yourself and come to a solid conclusion regarding fitness levels. It's no good investing in pull-up bars, slam balls and heavy ropes if your base fitness level doesn't stretch to lifting a can of beans above your head.

Plyo boxes (boxes that you jump on and off), Power Bags (heavy sacks for lifting), skipping ropes and kettlebells are a good place to start, as they can be specified in a sliding scale of height – with regards to the plyo boxes – and weights. Beginners can start off sweating with a relatively small investment, with a whole range of ways to use a few inexpensive pieces of kit. 

However, for a really effective HIIT workout, it's hard to beat the more esoteric, hardcore likes of a 50ft Battle Rope, or high-end cardio machine. The Technogym Skillmill or Wattbike will give your exercise a new level of intensity. They will also provide a pretty testing workout for your wallet, whether you're buying outright, or going to the sort of high-end gyms that have them.

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