UK websites have 12 months to adopt EU cookie law

Users to be asked for permission to store cookies

Clamping down on cookie hoarders

UK websites have been given a year's time to adopt the EU's new cookie law.

The EU directive affects information the websites can store about their visiors, with the new guidelines having to be enforced in the UK within 12 months.

The new law on cookies was brought into play on Thursday as part of the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive.

According to the new guidelines, websites must now ask for consent from users every time it wishes to access personal information such as login details.

While UK websites are expected to start this practice now, action will be taken against them for non-compliance only after a year. "We're giving businesses and organisations up to one year to get their house in order," said Christopher Graham, Informational Commissioner.

He added: "This does not let everyone off the hook. Those who choose to do nothing will have their lack of action taken into account when we begin formal enforcement of the rules."

Currently, two countries are said to be fully implementing the new law with immediate effect.

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Via: TechRadar