Tech Today: Samsung outsells iPhone, Google Music twist outed

Plus: Gmail's new look leaked and Toshiba announces a new Retina Display beater

The all conquering iPhone was outsold by Samsung in the last quarter, while Tosh has introduced a display that beats Apple's Retina Display. Meanwhile, Gmail's new look has been leaked in an official video.

Samsung outsells Apple in Q3
Ever wonder why Apple is so intend on stopping Samsung selling its phones and tablets? Well if not these figures should clue you into why. The Korean giant actually sold more phones than Apple in Q3 of 2011. Samsung crossed the 20m mark for the quarter ending 30th September according to the WSJ, while Apple shipped a little less at 17.7 millon iPhones. Naturally, Samsung has a lot more devices available, and prospective Apple buyers were likely holding off for the iPhone 4S. However, Cupertino next move is likely be be in the courtroom.
Link: AppleInsider

Google Music's big twist will be song sharing
Remember earlier this week when Google's Andy Rubin told us that the forthcoming Google Music store would have a 'twist'? BusinessInsider thinks it has uncovered that twist. Sources have told the site that once you buy songs you'll be able to share them with your friends, who'll then be able to listen to them a limited amount of times for free. Also, the service will have a Spotify-like offline playlist mode for mobile devices.
Link: BusinessInsider

Xbox 720 set for E3 2013, claim reports
Microsoft's next Xbox won't be here for another 18 months at least, according to gaming site Develop. The site has spoken to sources creating chips and other parts of the hardware, who claim to be working to that schedule. The site also reckons that a new Fable game will be part of the launch line-up.
Link: Develop

Toshbia unveils 6-inch 498 PPI display
Apple's groundbreaking Retina Display on the iPhone and iPod touch registers at 326 pixels per inch, and that has pretty much been the standard... until now. Toshiba has just revealed a 6-inch display which weighs in at a massive 498 PPI. The company says: "This direct-view LCD panel achieves high-definition images with photographic quality, and although the images are displayed in 2D format, they impart a sense of depth and realism."
Link: MacRumors

Biographer says Steve Jobs refused potentially life-saving surgery
Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs decided against having surgery early in his struggle against cancer, according to an interview with his official biographer. Walter Isaacson says that Jobs came to regret his decision to reject the surgery on grounds that it was too invasive. If he had decided to undergo the surgery, it may have saved his life. The full interview will be screened in the US on Sunday during the "60 minutes" show.
Link: CBS

Gmail primed for redesign according to leaked video
A video mistakenly posted to the official Google YouTube channel has revealed a forthcoming overhaul of Gmail. The Mashable blog, which spotted the video says it Gmail will accommodate any window size, high definition themes, redesigned conversation threads and the introduction of profile pictures. Search has also been made more user friendly. You can check out the changes in the video below.
Link: Mashable