Tech Today: Facebook Timeline, iTunes Match launch official

Plus: Rebecca Black tops Google search list, Amazon selling a million Kindles a week

Facebook's long-awaited Timeline update is live, while Google has issued its annual Zeitgeist list with some suprising results. Meanwhile, it appears that iTunes Match is finally live in the UK

Facebook rolls-out new Timeline profile to all
Facebook has finally launched its new Timeline profile to all users, giving members a chance to browse through their history, status updates, new friendships and photos year-by-year. Timeline was announced earlier this year at the F8 conference and will also roll out to the Facebook mobile site and Android app.
Link: TechRadar

iTunes Match now officially comes to the UK
After a messy accidental roll-out and subsequent then retraction in serveral European countries over the last few days, it appears that Apple has pulled the trigger on iTunes Match in the UK. The £21.99 a year service allows you stream your entire music collection over the cloud with Apple replacing your low-quality MP3s with high quality tracks from iTunes.
Link: Macgasm

Nokia unveils Dark Knight Rises Lumia 800 handset
It's rare that a Nokia device has ever looked this cool. The ultra limited edition Dark Knight Rises handset is a run of only 40 worldwide and comes with a matte black finish and the Caped Crusader's logo engraved into the back. If Nokia put these on sale to the general public, we're pretty sure Lumia 800 devices would be flying off the shelves.
Link: The Verge

Rebecca Black was the fastest spiking search of 2011
Google has revealed its annual Zeitgeist report of popular search items and the results don't say too much about the future of the human race. The fastest spiking search query of 2011 was YouTube sensation Rebecca Black following the explosion of her Friday viral video. Also among the fastest rising searches were death and disaster. Steve Jobs, Ryan Dunn and the Fukushima plant all featured, while tech products like the iPad 2, iPhone 5 (which isn't actually a product yet) and Google+ also featured.
Link: Google Blog

Amazon selling one million Kindles a week
Sales of the Amazon Kindle Fire has catapulted the Kindle family of devices to over one million sales a week, the online retailer has revealed. In a rare admission of sales figures, the company says the devices have broken a million sales for three weeks in succession. Amazon also reckons the Kindle Fire is the most successful product it has ever launched.
Link: Engadget