T3 Agenda: Make a proper coffee at home with Dualit's capsule machine/milk frother mashup

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26 October

Make a proper coffee at home with Dualit's capsule machine/milk frother mashup

Capsule machines have made home-based coffee making as quick, painless and tasty as picking one up in your local cafe, but without that all important frothed milk no product on the market has felt complete. Well, Dualit is about to change all that with the industry's first in-built milk frother.

The new Dualit Café Cino Capsule Machine, which is due to launch in November, heats milk by steam and whisking to produce a dense, texturised and velvety sweet foam. You can even boost the temperature of the milk to make it extra hot.

It's even possible to make cold frothed milk that's perfect for milkshakes. Add that to the fact it works with Dualit NX Coffee and Fine Tea capsules, as well as Nespresso capsules, and you've got one robust all-in-one machine.

You can get one from next month for a mere £199.98 from most electrical stockists.

Loewe's klang 1 loudspeakers offer style and versatility

Loewe, the German manufacturer of premium-quality televisions and AV equipment, has announced the first of a new generation of speakers called ‘klang’ (‘klang’ means ‘sound’ in German).

The klang 1 is a pair of discreetly styled satellite speakers designed to work in a multitude of configurations, from stereo to surround sound. Each one is covered in a black acoustic material, with no visible screws, seams or fixings anywhere on the casing.

There's even a choice of dedicated stand options on offer, including a wall-mount, integrated table base or stainless steel floor stand, meaning they can suit almost any room or setup.

The klang 1 are priced at £450 per pair and will be available later this month.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture heads up PS Plus' November offerings

Last year's subtle yet enchanting walking sim Everybody's Gone to the Rapture will be leading the charge in PS Plus' free games list next month. EGttR will be joined by retro sci-fi top-down shooter The Deadly Tower of Monsters on PS4.

This month's PS3 games include the underrated rally/stunt racer Dirt 3 and, since it's Halloween soon, the brilliant Costume Quest 2. Because Double Fine.

Finally, PS Vita gets Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered (which is a Cross Buy with PS4), and Pumped BMX+ (which is a Cross Buy with PS4 and PS3). All six will arrive at the end of the month.

25 October

BlackBerry's new DTEK60 smartphone brings super security to Android

For quick and convenient turn on and unlock, the BlackBerry Fingerprint Sensor provides added security for unlocking your phone, accessing Password Keeper and making purchases – including Android Pay.

The DTEK60 also has a smart keyboard designed to learn from users and increase typing accuracy and speed. It provides word suggestions as you type and includes up to three languages, letting you flick them into place for faster conversations.

With a 5.5-inch Quad HD display, support for micro SD cards up to 2 TB and a 3000 mAh battery with enough power to withstand up to 24 hours of mixed use, the DTEK60 aims to mix the best of both worlds all in one robust smart package.

The DTEK60 is available to purchase from ShopBlackBerry.com today for £475. It'll be available from select smartphone providers in the UK from next month.

Connect your home with the Pop Home Switch from Logitech

Logitech has announced the UK launch of an innovative switch that enables you to connect and control all of your smart home devices with the push of one button - introducing the Logitech Pop Home Switch Starter Pack and Pop Add-On Home Switch.

Through the Pop app (available on Android and iPhone), the Pop Home Switch scans a home Wi-Fi network and connects to compatible devices, including lighting, door locks and blinds from companies such as Sonos LIFX, Phillips Hue, Lutron and INSTEON.

Each Pop Home Switch can be set to trigger three different actions, from simply turning a connected device on/off, to accessing music playlists. The Pop Home Switch Starter Pack is £119.99, while the Pop Add-On Home Switch retails for £34.99. You can get one today from Amazon, John Lewis and more.

TV gets intelligent with the H3 Espresso Smart Media Player

Humax's latest smart gadget, the H3 Espresso Smart Media Player, delivers aerial-free, wireless, multi-room TV anywhere in the home - so that's live TV, Netflix, YouTube, TVPlayer and all free online content, direct to your telly box.

It also enables you to view live TV and recorded programmes from a HUMAX FVP-4000T using one of the PVR’s three built-in tuners, as well as streaming media across many file types on an HD TV, including content from smartphone, tablet, laptop, PVR and any other connected device.

Minus any sort of subscription or recurring fee, you can add an H3 Espresso Smart Media Player to your home for £79.99. Pick one up today from Humax Direct.

Boost your tunes with the Q Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

DiGiGrid has just unveiled its latest headphone amplifier and its perfect for any audio occasion, including listening to your music wirelessly via Bluetooth connecting up to your electrical instrument of choice.

Q features 1/4-inch and 3.5mm outputs, so can accommodate any headphones up to 600 ohm standard, and has four input options to suit all users: XLR (for professional use), Ethernet/CAT5 (to connect to the SoundGrid Network), Analogue (for the consumer Audiophile) and Bluetooth.

You can order a Q Bluetooh Headphone Amplifier today for only £350.

24 October

Triumph's new Bonneville Bobber motorcycle is beauty meets beast

Triumph’s beautiful new Bonneville Bobber motorcycle was unveiled last week at an exclusive, star-studded event in London. Inspired by the classic American bobber, the new heritage model is pretty leftfield when it comes to Triumph designs, but with a hidden rear suspension and hardtail frame it's a striking mix of beauty and pure, masculine grunt.

"Triumph’s new Bonneville Bobber is an incredible new motorcycle with breath-taking poise, presence, and peerless authenticity," comments Paul Stroud, chief commercial officer at Triumph Motorcycles. "So it was only right that we gave it an equally incredible launch before the bike makes its European debut at EICMA show in Milan on November 8th, 2016."

No news yet on a UK release date or a price, but expect these details to drop soon.

Pro-Ject's Essential III is an affordable turntable with bite

Taking over from the long-standing Essential II mode, Pro-Ject has announced that the Essential III turntable is available now. The Essential III's plinth is mounted on three anti-vibration feet, for effective decoupling from the surface on which the turntable is placed. So you're getting a high-quality turntable for an affordable price.

Sharing the same basic shell, the Essential III is now available in three lovely gloss finishes (black, red and white), and adds over £100.00 worth of improvements for only £30.00 extra than the Essential II.

Pick one up today for £239.99 from select audio electronics stockists.

Butt those nails into place with the Rhino Hammer

Do you love tools? Do you love animals? Struggling to find a way to combine your two combinations into one, joyous union? Then struggle no more, because now there's a hammer shaped like a rhino. No, really.

It's actually pretty cute by novelty standards, and with a stainless steel head and aluminium body (which extends and twists into a proper-sized tool) it'll make a funky addition to any toolbox or animal-minded office.

The Rhino Hammer is available from The Fowndry for £39.99 and is available in Black or Silver.

Audio gets shock and water resistant with the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo

Audio specialist Polk Boom has just unveiled its latest product, an uber-rugged speaker that's designed to take all the wet and action-packed moments life throws at you. It's shock absorbent so you can strap it to your backpack on a mountain bike ride or use its suction cup to stick to the wall in your shower.

It can be immersed in up to three feet of water for an incredible 30 minutes. so when we say it's durable, it's really durable. With a rubber casing and detachable tail, the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo is a must for music loving adventurers everywhere. Pick one up today for £49.99.

21 October

The turn-based strategy rides again as Civilization 6 arrives on PC

In a week that's seen the big news in gaming - the reveal of the Nintendo Switch and the first trailer from Red Dead Redemption 2 being two such highlights - we've also had some huge games hit shelves and digital stores everywhere, including a little known title called Civilization 6.

Yes, actual Civilization. Actual Sid Meiers. Back again! It's almost too much to handle. The king of politically-minded turn-based strategy games launched today on PC, so if you've the space on your hard drive, we suggest you get over to your digital platform/bricks and mortar store of choice and grab a copy today. Or Amazon, where you get a physical copy for £39.89.

Keep safe on your evening winter runs with the dhb Reflective Running Jacket

Just because it's getting cold and dark doesn't mean you should slack on that all important cardio - especially with Christmas on the horizon and all that fatty, glorious food. So to keep yourself safe, why not invest in sleek new reflective jacket?

Available from Wiggle for £50, the dhb Reflective Run Jacket is made from a lightweight and durable nylon material that's fully reflective, even when damp. So if you're running down a particularly dark road, you'll be a lot more visible when light hits you.

There's also the Tech Run Tight bottoms from dhb - also available from Wiggle - which are made from a polyester-elastane fabric to form fit around the legs to provide warmth, support and comfort whilst running. Grab a pair today in black for just £28.

Spotify now works on Samsung Smart TVs from 2015 and 2016

Have you invested in a Samsung-branded TV in the last year or so? Well, if it's from the firm's most recent ranges, we've some really good news. Music streaming service Spotify is now available direct from your clever telly!

Both Free and Premium users can log into their account and start streaming music, podcasts and more through their home entertainment system, just like you would from your tablet, smartphone, PC or games console.

With over 30 million songs to choose from, there's bound to be something to tickle your musical fancy. Oh, and if you're using a 2014 model or an older Samsung Smart TV, an older version of Spotify is still available with plans to update these versions soon.

20 October

The Amazon Echo Dot is here, and it's brought Alexa along for the ride

Amazon has announced the nifty little Echo Dot is finally shipping to the UK. The Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses the same far-field voice recognition as Amazon Echo.

That voice control is all down to Alexa, the same far-field voice recognition found in the Amazon Echo. It's a really precise bit of kit, and for those with Prime accounts you'll also be able to use your Echo Dot to request certain items with your voice. The Echo Dot will then find the best product with Prime delivery, apply any available discounts and more.

You can also directly connect Echo Dot to speakers with a 3.5mm audio cable or via Bluetooth, and add voice-control to your home stereo system. As we said, it's an impressive bit of kit and real step forwards for commercial voice recognition tech.

The all-new Echo Dot is available for just £49.99, as well as available in a multi-pack where you can buy five and get one free - and in a 12-pack (buy 10, get two free). Bargain!

The Amazon Echo is available for just £149.99 from Amazon.

TEAC adds Bluetooth capability to its record-spinning turntable range

Japanese electronic firm TEAC is injecting a little wireless connectivity to its turntable range, with the addition of the TN-400BT, the first standalone TEAC turntable with Bluetooth capability.

The TN-400BT will bring a high-quality Bluetooth aptX wireless audio to the machine's three-speed (including 78rpm) belt-drive mechanism with die-cast platter and Built-in Phono EQ Amplifier with subsonic filter to name but a few of its impressive features.

TEAC TN-400BT Bluetooth-equipped turntable will retail from £999.

The super-stylish THE O tracking device will stop you from losing your bag ever again

We're all guilty of misplacing the important items in our lives, be it car keys, bags or are phones. It's even scarier prospect if you're travelling or are out and about, so that's why gadgets such as the new THE O are a really great investment.

For a start, the THE O attaches to your chosen item and creates an invisible tether to its bespoke app. Not only does it enable you track your posession on screen, but it will send alerts as soon as you've strayed too far from its sensor.

Best of all, it's been designed with a really stylish, jewelry aesthetic in mind, making it look more like a vintage broach than a tracking device. So you can fight your forgetfulness and be fashion forward, all in one fell swoop.

You can order a Starter Kit today for $139 (which is about £114 or so).

19 October

Overcome intense workouts with the Moov HR fitness wearable

Moov is no stranger to fitness trackers, with its Moov Now wearable proving one of the smartest trackers on the market, but it's now trying a different tact with its latest creation, the Moov HR.

Rather than being worn on the wrist, the Moov HR is designed to strap to a sweatband or swim cap and has been designed to monitor your heart rate with far more accuracy than wrist-based devices.

Using the firm's own PulseVision tech, the Moov HR uses LED lights and optical sensors to measure blood density around the temples, enabling you to track your heart rate during an intense session in the pool or a hard-hitting HIIT workout and know you've made the most of your time.

There's a special launch package available for early adopters, which includes the Sweat headband, Swim swimming cap and the HR sensor, called the Sweat and Swim package for £82.50.

Epson's new cartridge-free EcoTank makes printing even more cost effective

Japanese electronics firm Epson has just announced the third generation of its eco-friendly EcoTank printer, which makes printing even easier and far more cost effective than regular cartridge-based models.

The cartridge-free ET-3600 automatically prints on both sides of a page, cutting paper usage in half and reducing running costs even further. Equipped with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, the versatile 3-in-1 printer also connect to Epson's Connect app for remote printing on smartphones or tablets.

The ET-3600 is available now, priced at £349.99 (inc VAT). Additional ink bottles are available, price at £7.99 and £10.99.

The Leica Q gets the ‘Titanium gray’ treatment

Leica Camera has announced a new version of its retro-styled Leica Q instant camera, now presented in a rather trim-looking Titanium Gray. It's pretty much exactly the same as the original model, only this time its a different colour with a few extra aesthetic tweaks here and there.

For instance, the distance scale in feet and the focal length on the lens are now highlighted in red. Furthermore, the colour-coordinated carrying strap supplied with the camera has been manufactured from strong, robust material most commonly used to make climbing ropes.

The Leica Q ‘Titanium gray’ is scheduled to be available from mid-November 2016, with a suggested retail price of £3,800. In the meantime, you can order the regular black version from Amazon today.

Plantronics unveils the BackBeat PRO 2

The BackBeat PRO 2 comes with smart sensors that automatically pause or resume your music as you remove or put on your headphones, multi-device connectivity to connect up to two devices simultaneously and easily switch between them and in-built mics that enable you to answer calls while still wearing your headset.

Packed with plenty of premium features, the over-the-ear BackBeat PRO 2 wireless headphones create an oasis of personal space wherever you go with just the touch of a button.

BackBeat PRO 2 will be available in black and tan at authorized Plantronics retailers for £229.99.

18 October

Fitness tracking meets classic analogue styling in the Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch

Are you looking to add all the features of a modern smartwatch to your wrist, but want to keep said appendage rocking the analogue look? Misfit may have the solution you're looking for with its very cool looking Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch.

For a start, it tracks steps, distance, and sleep duration and quality using a 3-axis accelerometer (as well as Misfit’s own rigorously validated algorithms and scientific library). It also retains that clean, classic look by making notifications appear in far more subtle ways. So everything from message notifications to alarms are communicated by subtle colour changes and vibrations.

The smartwatch maintains that sleek appearance with its integrated lugs, which enable infinite style options with any 20mm field-band, including Misfit-designed straps. The result is a modern, iconic accessory that is appropriate for any occasion.

Misfit Phase will be offered in six different colours, starting at £165, and will be available for purchase from mid November on misfit.com.

Watch your recordings on the go with the Sky Q mobile app

If you've been enjoying the multi-room recording goodness of Sky Q for a while now, there's a chance you've been craving the desire to take your library of bespoke content out and about with you? Well, hunger no longer as Sky has just launched a brand new app with its Sky Q customers in mind.

As well as downloading recordings, you'll also be able to browse Top Picks, and stream live and On Demand shows when you're out and about, all from the comfort of your smartphone.

The Sky Q app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store from today.

Say hell to Sprocket, the pocket-sized photo printer from HP

HP has just announced a new pocket-sized photo printer that instantly prints 5x7.6 cm sticky-back photos from your smartphone. When paired with the official HP Sprocket app, the Bluetooth-enabled device enables you to turn your favourite snaps into stickers in an instant.

Sprocket is available in white with rose gold accents, and black with silver accents, and comes with a 10-pack of HP ZINK Photo Paper for £99.99 Packs of HP ZINK Photo Paper (20 sheets per pack) are £9.99 each.

You can pick one up today from Very.co.uk, Amazon and other electronic retailers.

17 October

Sony's Xperia Ear is your own personal assistant, complete with head gestures and voice commands

Sony has just announced the new Xperia Ear, a new smart in-ear personal assistant to help you communicate and get things done via conversational voice interaction and simple head gestures.

Powered by Sony Agent Technology, Xperia Ear responds to verbal commands, so you can ask it to make a call, perform an internet search, dictate a message or navigate to a certain location.

It can also read texts and messages from WhatsApp and Facebook, enabling you to initiate a response with a simple nod of the head. Pretty neat, huh?

The Sony Xperia Ear is available for pre-order for £179.99 from the Xperia e-store. Pre-ordering will also net you a £45 voucher, redeemable against any smartphone from the every same online catalogue. The Xperia Ear is due for release in mid-November.

Retro styling meets electric locomotion with the new Ruffian bike

While e-bikes certainly make pedalling your way to and from work that much easier, they're not often the sexiest of two-wheeled vehicles. Well, that's where German custom bike specialist Ruff Bikes comes in with its own attempts to jazz up the electric push-bike: the Ruffian.

Its Bosch motor is pedal assisted, meaning it will kick in when you're pedalling to help you get over any particularly nasty hills. It boasts 250w of power (maximum legal wattage in the UK) and with the battery supplied (31.4 amp hours) it can give a range of up to 90 kilometres.

It'll be launching in the UK next March with an introductory price of £4,500 and it'll come in three unique colours, just so you can feel suitably colour coded for you travel.

KitSound announces Bluetooth Music Adaptor for the iPhone 7

With the iPhone 7 now headphone jackless, the future of listening to your music on your iPhone has gone truly wireless. So what better way to stream your tunes than with the Bluetooth Music Adaptor from Kitsound.

All you have to do is simply connect your headphones to the Adaptor via the headphone jack, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity built-in, pair it to your phone’s Bluetooth and start soaking up that music.

The KitSound Bluetooth Music Adaptor will retail for £29.99. You can buy one today from the KitSound online store.

Marantz launches flagship AV receiver and AV processor

Looking for a fully stocked AV receiver or processor? Well, you're in luck, as Marantz has just launched two new flagship devices - the SR7011 AV receiver and AV7703 AV processor - and they're practically bursting with the latest audio features.

They have everything required to make the most of the home cinema experience, with a wide range of network streaming technologies including HEOS multiroom (and support for 4K and Auro 3D capability).

With Dolby Atmos and DTS:X/Neural:X built-in alongside nine 200W channels and eight separate HDMI ports, the SR7011 even comes with Marantz' famous HDAM (Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Module) technology for seriously high-quality amplification.

Both new Marantz flagships will be available in November 2016 in a black finish, with a silver-gold finish also available for the SR7011.

14 October

KEF attempts to improve on greatness with the LS50 Wireless speakers

KEF has announced the LS50 Wireless, a completely active, digital and wireless lifestyle audio system consisting of two speakers whose connection to your music source is completely wireless.

The LS50 Wireless system uses a 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution digital signal path throughout, and a dedicated DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) for each channel, ensuring optimal sound quality.

Boasting time-correcting DSP crossover and KEF’s unique Uni-Q driver technology, the impressive LS50 Wireless comes in Titanium grey/Red, Gloss Black/Blue, and Gloss White/Copper finishes and will be available from next month with a price of £2,000.

Dualit injects a dose of sophistication into the home coffee machine market

British coffee and tea specialist Dualit has just revealed the new Classic Capsule Machine, a stylish new express coffee machine built in the same style as the firm's Classic Kettle and Toaster products.

Compatible with Dualit Fine Tea and NX Coffee capsules, as well as Nespresso capsules, it can be used to prepare beverages with the convenience of being able to purchase the capsules online, on the high street or in supermarkets.

Available from November, the Dualit Classic Capsule Machine features a 20 bar pressure for extracting the perfect crema and a handy Auto-start feature will automatically prepare the pre-selected first drink once the machine has heated up. Priced at £249, head on over Dualit.com for a list of upcoming stockists.

Three to be the first UK network offer access to the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet

In another announcement aimed at pipping its competitors to the post, Three UK has announced it will be the first network in the country to the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet.

The device comes with a Mifi portable network hotspot so that you can stay connected with Three, without being restricted to W-Fi areas. Prices start from as little as £15 per month for 2GB data on a 24 month contract.

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition is available in pink and blue on a variety of contracts and Pay As You Go and includes a free £25 Amazon Gift Card.

13 October

Western Digital gives its My Book and My Passport hard drives a new lick of paint

American storage specialist Western Digital has teamed up with design firm fuseproject to reimagine its My Passport, My Passport for Mac and My Book hard drives for a new era.

The My Passport and My Passport for Mac go up to 4TB, while the My Book can be bought as large as 8TB in capacity.

Alongside existing password protection and encryption features, the all new My Passport drives are now available in six vivid colours – black, yellow, red, white, orange and blue - and begin retailing at £67.99 (for a 1TB version).

The My Passport and My Passport for Mac go up to 4TB, while the My Book can be bought as large as 8TB in capacity.

HP's new PC, laptop and monitor range will give you Envy

HP has just revealed the latest additions to its range of premium products, including high-end monitors, PCs and laptops.

The Envy range includes the Envy laptop, which offers a sophisticated design that's 14mm thin with 14 hours of battery life and premium audio and display features. You can pick one up from £829.99.

Then there's the feature-rich 4K IPS display of the HP Envy 27s Display, which boasts a micro-edge bezel design for dual display set-ups. Starting price will be confirmed closer to the launch date in 2017.

Finally, there's the HP Envy AIO 27, with its two volume design. You get a motherboard that sits in the base with an integrated four speaker sound bar, as well as a floating Technicolor Color Certified HD display that is just 15 mm thin. It'll have a starting price around £1,499.99.

One For All announces the new Smart Control 5 with its unique NETTV key

Looking for a remote that's guaranteed to work with every single TV brand on the market? Well, All For One has just the gizmo for you - the new Smart Control 5 (now with added NETTV key).

That NETTV key enables it work with all Smart TV models too, meaning you can use it to browse all your favourite streaming services and even navigate the murky depths of YouTube - all with a single TV remote.

The One For All Smart Control 5 is guaranteed to be compatible with every single TV brand (over 7,000 brands now) and into the future. And it provides incredible value for money at just £29.99.

12 October

The Healthy Home Coach is a climate monitor designed to keep your home happy

2016 has been the year that smart home devices have exploded into a thriving industry all their own - just look at some of the nominees and winner from this year's T3 Awards for proof of that - and the new Healthy Home Coach from Netatmo.

The HomeKit-enabled Healthy Home Coach tracks and records indoor environmental elements - air quality, humidity, temperature and noise - and offers advice to improve indoor climate and keep things cozy.

Healthy Home Coach tracks and records all the indoor environmental elements. The device collects personalised data from your home and provides actionable customised insights based on the season, the time of the day and more - and it's all beamed direct to a bespoke app you can track on your smartphone or tablet.

Healthy Home Coach is available now and retails for £99.99 at Apple Stores as well as apple.com, Amazon UK and netatmo.com.

Send designs to your new Dremel 3D printer via Wi-Fi - wherever you are

Building on the popularity of Dremel’s original 3D Idea Builder in 2015, the company has now unveiled its next generation of build machines - in the shape of the new feature-rich 3D40 Idea Builder.

Thanks to integrated software, WiFi connectivity and a full colour touchscreen, it’s never been easier to unleash your imagination and make your build or prototype a reality.

The Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder costs £1,099, and is available from October 2016 from retailers and the Dremel online shop.

HTC and HP team up for a new VR-friendly bundle

HTC has teamed up with HP to bring us the Vive Ready HP Computer Bundle, offering an easy, great-value choice for those hoping to add a little Vive-powered VR magic to their lives this Christmas.

The bundle will contain a VR-ready HP ENVY 750-470na alongside a full Vive VR system for £1,499 allowing consumers to get set up for the world of room-scale VR.

To be kept up to date on availability, you can sign up to updates direct from HTC.

Microsoft announces global expansion for HoloLens

Today Microsoft announced that Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained holographic computer, is now available for pre-order in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, with devices starting to ship in late November.

Microsoft first announced HoloLens in January 2015 and shipped to developers and commercial partners in Canada and the United States on 31 March 31, 2016. Microsoft HoloLens is now available to preorder exclusively from the Microsoft Store.

11 October

The Kickstarter-bound Ding wants to take doorbell tech to the next level

The Ding, which just launched its Kickstarter campaign, enables you to answer visitors to your door on your smartphone - from anywhere in the world!

Much like the Ring (which won our Editor's Award at this year's T3 Awards), the Ding uses a button and mic that sticks onto a wall outside your house or on your door, and a speaker that sits in your house. These two devices then send an alert to your smartphone, enabling you to answer the door from anywhere - so basically you'll never miss a package or important visitor again (yes, that includes pizza delivery people!).

If you're quick, you can grab an early bird Ding for just $119, with shipping planned for August 2017 (if the campaign pans out, which judging by how fast it's being backed, seems quite likely). The campaign has a month left so head on over and see what you think of the Ding.

Three grabs UK exclusive on the new ZTE Blade V7 from today

In another big deal, phone tariff provider Three has acquired the exclusivity to sell the ZTE Blade V7 in the UK. The new ZTE Blade V7 is the lowest priced 4GSV device on the market, making the new deal with Three an impressive partnership.

Being with Three nets you plenty of benefits, including Feel at Home - which lets you use your phone abroad at no extra cost in 42 countries worldwide.

Pricing for the device on Three starts at £9 per month with 500MB data and no upfront cost, with the handset also available on Pay As You Go for £129.99.

Never lose your keys again with the Tile Mate

Tile, the firm famous for its broad lost-and-found network and smart key-finding devices, has just launched its smallest gadget yet - the Tile Mate.

Tile Mate, which launched today, is 25% smaller, lighter, and more versatile, and follows the global success of Tile Slim, which launched last month, and Tile Original – the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker.

Tile Mate retails for £23 each, or £65 for a 4-pack, and is available online today from Tile. It will be sold in retailers nationwide including Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, Curry’s PC World, Carphone Warehouse & Maplin, beginning tomorrow.

10 October

You can pre-order the Oculus Touch today for £189 from Currys PC World

With VR set to take over the world in 2016, you'll be pleased to hear Oculus' bespoke motion controllers, the Oculus Touch, are now available for pre-order in the UK.

Currys PC World is one of those places you can put your money down for the peripherals from today. Oculus Touch uses 'constellation tracking' to give you precision control while using your Oculus Rift headset (sold separately).

The Oculus Touch motion controllers will retail for £189 and are set to arrive later this year. Head on over to Currys or PC World to today to pre-order yours.

New toys-to-life Kickstarter campaign turns action figures into controllers

With Disney Infinity effectively cancelled and Skylanders beginning to run out of steam, it seems like the toys-to-life genre is going the way of the rhythm game. Well, Lightseekers from independent studio PlayStyle is aiming to reverse that trend with a new, innovative take on interactive toys and more.

In fact, the tablet-based Lightseekers (which only just launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter) isn't just trying to retread old ground either. PlayStyle says it wants to create 'connected play' with Lightseekers, with a mixture of trading cards (which offer augmented reality features through your tablets camera) as well action figures that light up, vibrate and more.

The FusionCore at the back of each figure removes the need for an NFC portal and can be be used, with a special Flight Pack accessory, to control your character in-game by moving its parts.

With comics and more planned, Lightseekers wants to do things on its own terms - and if the final product (due for release in March next year) can deliver on those lofty ambitions, the toys-to-life genre is far from dead.

Libratone's One Click and One Style portable speakers get a lick of red paint

Award-winning audio specialist Libratone is rereleasing two if its portable Bluetooth speakers in a striking Cerise Red, giving you a new colour to your musical travels.

Released earlier in the year, the One Style and One Click Bluetooth speakers connect wirelessly to mobile devices and other Libratone Bluetooth speakers, and feature excellent acoustics thanks to the company's signature 360° sound.

The red Libratone One Click and One Style are both available now from Libratone.com priced at £139.

7 October

Head to Harrods and personalise yourself a Signature Caterham Seven

British car manufacturer Caterham has launched its first personalisation programme – Caterham Signature – with a special edition Seven designed by world-famous department store, Harrods.

The Harrods special edition car is now on sale exclusively in store and includes a host of special features which demonstrate the breadth of options new Caterham buyers can add to their vehicles. These include paint colours and designs, dashboard and interior styling, embroidery and even the colour of the chassis.

The £59,999 Harrods special edition is on display in the famous London store throughout October for Harrods Man month, starting from Friday October 7. Head over to Caterham Cars for more info.

Oculus Rift's Touch controllers and Headphones coming this December

Oculus has just announced its bespoke motion controller Touch is finally getting a release date - just in time for Christmas. The reveal was at the bg Connect VR event, with Oculus confirming there will be 35 Touch-enabled games coming at launch.

You can pre-order Touch on October 10 for $199 (£160.94), and it ships on the 6 December. All pre-orders come bundled with VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken. Touch comes with an additional sensor and a connector for Rock Band VR.

Oculus also revealed the official Oculus Earphones for Rift. According to the firm, the headphones offer a, "solid bass response while maintaining excellent mid/high levels for a well-balanced sound signature. They also include passive noise isolation to help block out distractions from the outside world."

They’ll be available for pre-order from the 10 October on Oculus.com, cost $49 (£39.62), and start shipping on the 6 December.

Grab yourself a Camellia Red HTC 10 and get 15% off for your troubles

Thinking of picking up a new HTC 10? Well, now's the time to do it as the flagship model now has a sleek-looking Camellia Red edition available. Not only that, but for a limited time you can get one 15% off the asking price.

In our review, we called the HTC 10, "almost perfect," saying: "Of course, there are some areas where the HTC 10 could improve. It’s not as slick as the Samsung Galaxy S7, it would be nice to see an IP waterproof rating, the camera isn’t perfect, and it we'd LOVE that two-day battery life."

Those looking to get their hands on the luxury smartphone will have the opportunity to get 15% (that's around £85.50) off the HTC 10 from 6 October to the 30 October.

Visit HTC.com and enter code ‘HTC15’ at checkout.

6 October

The Cocoon will protect and secure your home with the power of sound

The market is awash with home security products, ranging from the basic to the most elaborate, but few come as unique as the Cocoon. A single device that uses infrasound - subtle, inaudible vibrations in the air caused by movement to detect and monitor the home.

The interesting thing about infrasound is it travels across rooms and multiple floors. Because of this, one Cocoon can look after the whole home without additional cameras or sensors, whether it’s a noisy inner-city flat or country home.

The Cocoon uses a combo of ultra-acute microphone sensors and machine learning to work out what are the normal sounds and movements in your home, so you won't trigger an alert with day-to-day activity. With an in-built camera, the Cocoon is one smart and complete package and you can order one today for £299 from Amazon or the official Cocoon website.

Sony Xperia XZ available to buy now in the UK

After a tantalising and frustrating wait, Sony's flagship handset in the X range is finally available to buy on UK soil. The Xperia XZ, which comes with one of the most powerful and sophisticated cameras available in a smartphone, can now be purchased from a variety of smartphone retailers.

You can get one from O2 for free from £43pm with 5GB of data; free from £35.99pm with 1GB of data at Carphone Warehouse; EE for £38.49pm with £44.99 upfront cost and 500MB of data; via Virgin for free from £33pm with 1GB of data; at a cost of £42pm with £20 upfront cost and 3GB of data through Vodafone and for £36pm with £49 upfront cost and 2GB of data from Three.

You can also order one from the official Sony Xperia store.

Tech21 wants to protect your Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Tech21, a specialist in impact protection for mobile devices, has announced the availability of its protective cases for Google’s all-new flagship device, the Pixel and Pixel XL.

The new Evo Check cases feature tech21’s, "scientifically proven," impact-absorbing material, FlexShock, delivering thinner, lighter and more stylish impact protection than ever before.

Evo Check in Clear/White and Smokey/Black for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be available via tech21.com from 18 October.

Protect your tablet or laptop with the new Booq range, available now

Booq has just released a set of new tablet accessories and laptop bags that are perfect for keeping your favourite portable tech safe and sound on the move.

The Saddle Pro, available from £250 from Amazon, has an expandable design that makes it perfect for comfortable travelling, and its quick-access pockets keep important items such as passports and an iPad within easy reach.

The Daypack, which comes in a variety of colours for £75 via Amazon, has been designed for your 13" MacBook (Pro or Air), 15" MacBook Pro, or up to 16.4" PC laptop.

And finally, the the symmetrically-designed Booqpad is equipped with an Apple Pencil pocket, easy access to ports and rear camera and a removable, 50-sheet notepad. You can get one today from Amazon for £50.

5 October

smanos' new Smart Home Panoramic Camera is out of this world

Smart home tech specialist smanos has just launched a brand new panoramic camera, and with its flying saucere-esque design it's certainly going to add a bit of retro sci-fi style to your home surveillance.

The UFO Smart Home Panoramic Camera, "utilises surveillance-grade fisheye lens technology, superior night vision and accurate motion detection to bring clarity, immersive vision and ease of use to home monitoring."

You can mount it on a wall or on a ceiling, and offers three selectable HD views: a 360-degree bird’s eye view, a 180-degree panoramic view and an auto-corrected 90-degree quad view. You can even zoom in on footage live from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The smanos UFO Panoramic Wi-Fi HD Camera will be available in the UK from the middle of this month, with a price tag of £149. You'll be able to order one from GetSmanos.co.uk and other retailers.

Moovit's new 5.0 update makes tracking public transport easier than ever

Moovit, the versatile app that helps you track public transport times and departures, has just released its latest update and the new changes have rebuilt the service from the ground up based on years of customer feedback and experiences.

The 5.0 update introduces a new redesign restructures its information around the primary transport requirements: Directions (enabling you to find the best route to your favourite locations quickly and efficiently), Stations (which includes a list of all train and bus stations as well as live and up-to-date arrival and departure info) and Lines (consolidating tons of info on a given line into one handy tab).

With 45 million active users already on its books, Moovit is already a huge hit - no doubt this new version will prove just as popular. You can download it today for Android and iOS. For more info, head on over to the official Moovit app site.

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