Sony S1 and S2 Tablets revealed

Autumn release for Android 3.0-packing slates

Big S the latest tech player to take on the iPad.

Sony has just unveiled its Android 3.0 tablet plans, revealing a pair of slates that it reckons can take on the might of the Apple iPad. The S1 and S2 both come loaded up with Honeycomb, the ace PlayStation Suite for PSOne gaming, eBooks from the Reader store, plus Sony’s Qriocity streaming service for downloading and streaming music and video.

The two devices themselves couldn’t be more different. The 9.4-inch S1 looks like your standard tablet, although as per a string of rumours, it has a slightly raised edge in order to resemble an open magazine. It also has universal remote control smarts, with the chance to share content via DLNA. This will only work on Sony’s Bravia boxes to start with, mind.

The S2, however, is something completely unique. Packing dual 5.5-inch screens, its designed to act as a DS-style games console as much as an easy eBook reader. It’s also crammed with DLNA for sharing media too.

There are set to be both 3G and 4G models when Sony releases the S1 and S2 in the autumn. There’s no doubting that both devices are going to give Apple, plus a string Android stablemates, plenty to think about in the next few months.

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