Sony Google TV gear coming in September?

Reports in France say Google TV hardware is on the way to Europe by autumn

While Google is struggling to make us care about Google TV prior to its pending UK launch, news from France says the tech might finally arrive in September

The UK continues to wait for the long-promised launch of Google TV and reports from France suggest we might see the hardware land on European shores in September.

French newspaper Les Echos says that the launch has slipped from Google's planned "before summer 2012" launch for its connected TV platform, but Sony-branded standalone set-top boxes and Blu-ray players will be here before the leaves begin to fall.

The report says Google will be charging 200 Euros (£166) for the set-top box and 300 Euros (£249) for the NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray player, which was on display at a recent event in London.

Les Echos also says that the hardware will come boasting remote controls that bring instant access to the Google Play Store and the Sony Unlimited on-demand and cloud storage platforms.

While the French launch is the basis for the store, the report says the UK and Germany will receive the tech at the same time.

While we're not sure that many folks are ticking off the days on the calendar in anticipation for the failing connected TV experiment, Google has been promising it for long enough that we actually just want it here now.

Via: TheVerge