New Xbox to require Kinect?

Next-gen Xbox documents suggest Kinect will be mandatory, according to report

The new Xbox will require game installation, Kinect to always be plugged in and will run multiple games at once, according to Kotaku

With Sony looking set to unveil the PS4 in New York next week, the next-gen Xbox rumour mill seems to be moving into overdrive. Last week, reports emerged that Microsoft's next console will block users from playing second-hand games and require an internet connection in order to work. Now a report has surfaced on gaming website Kotaku, stating that the next Xbox will only work if the new version of the Kinect motion-controller is plugged into it.

According to the article, Kotaku has been informed by a source who claims they have access to development hardware for Microsoft's next gaming platform. The source, who goes by the name SuperDaE, says that the new Xbox will be capable of running multiple games at once, will require games to be installed before they run and will only work if the next-generation version of Microsoft's motion sensor control, Kinect, is plugged into the device.

SuperDaE first came to the attention of Kotaku - and the rest of the games media - last year, when he (or she) attempted to sell a development kit for the new Xbox (codenamed Durango) on eBay.