Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 3 released with multi-touch

Giving Windows 7 users the multi-touch feature

Firefox becomes the first open source browser to release multi-touch for Windows 7.

If you're a Windows 7 user and have a touch-enabled screen for your computer, then Mozilla has come out with good news:The Firefox 4 Beta 3 version has been released with multi-touch for Windows 7.

This enables users to simply use their finger to swipe at the screen to zoom in and out, move images on screen and more. Mozilla claims it will "enable people to interact with web content with their hands naturally."

They added, "Developers can use multi-touch capabilities to leverage touch-enabled devices and provide people with an intuitive and fun browsing experience."

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Apart from the multi-touch feature, other new features include an improved JavaScript, which will allow streamlined graphics for web apps.

The third beta version of Firefox can be downloaded here, but do remember it's still in the development stage. The official UK release date for Firefox 4 is in November 2010.

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Via: TechRadar