MeeGo heading to Nokia N900

New dual-boot option lets N900 users try new OS

MeeGo blog outlines details of imminent update.

A spanking new MeeGo handset might not be landing until 2011. But if you’ve got an N900 kicking around, then you’ll soon be able to taste the forthcoming Nokia OS thanks to a new dual boot function.

Currently the N900 runs Maemo OS, but a new software update dubbed PR 1.3 is set to allow users to run both operating systems on the phone at the same time. The idea is for devs to create apps for both operating systems and test them on one device. But if you’re desperate for some MeeGo action, it’s a great way to have a play before anyone else.

An official post on the MeeGo blog stated, “The PR 1.3 update is quite close now, and with that you can easily dual boot between Maemo and Meego on your N900. There is also a possibility of developing applications supporting both operating systems.”

There’s no word on when this niche update will land. But chances are it’ll be well ahead of any final MeeGo hardware, which looks certain to slip until next year.

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Via Engadget