iPad Mini release date set for Nov 2?

Good things come in small packages

Apple is reportedly set to send out media invites to a special launch next Wednesday, where it’s expected to reveal the iPad Mini, according to reports

It has long been rumoured that the consumer electronics giant will be releasing a miniature version of its new iPad this year, in response to a string of new and upcoming launches, including the Barnes and Noble tablet and Amazon Kindle Fire 2, which is expected to come equipped with a 8.9-inch screen.

It was originally believed that Apple would launch the slate alongside its sixth-generation smartphone last month, but the device failed to make an appearance. Then again, it was also reported that the iPad Mini would launch some weeks after the iPhone 5, hence why the rumours have kicked off again.

Tech site the Register reports a November 2 release date, although some critics remain sceptical as Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs once famously dissed smaller tablets, claiming that their small screens make them ill-equipped to host applications.

But then again, that was a while ago, so it’s possible that the firm could have changed its mind (or conjured up a solution to combat the problem). The iPad Mini is expected to come equipped with a 7.85-inch screen and there were reports earlier in the year of a stylus, dubbed the S Pen. We're yet to hear of other possible specifications but will keep you updated as and when we do.

Via The Register