The best iPad mini deals for May 2024

Discover the best iPad mini deals, on the latest model or previous versions

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Welcome to our guide to the best iPad Mini deals 2023! We've pulled together the best and lowest prices from top retailers on the iPad Mini for this month, to help you save extra money on your new Apple device. We update this guide every month throughout the year, so you can find the latest up-to-date prices on all iPad Mini generations.

The first iPad Mini was released in 2012 and the last generation was the iPad Mini (6th generation) in 2021. The cheapest iPad Mini deals that you can expect to find today are likely to be on the 5th generation model from 2019, but the older generations will also see big price cuts as they don't have the latest features compared to the newest model. However, they're still impressive models and choosing an older iPad Mini is a great way to save money.

As we said in our iPad mini (6th Gen) review, the appeal in going for the smaller Apple tablet is that it's portable yet powerful and enables you to do pretty much anything wherever you are. Packing the same powerful processor as the iPhone 13, plus a bright in-sharp screen and support for the excellent Apple Pencil 2, it's one of the best tablets on the market, and one of the best iPads for students. If you decide that you want to go for the bigger sizes, we've got guides to the best iPad deals, as well as the best iPad Pro deals.

Below, we've rounded up the best deals on all generations of the iPad mini and we've thrown in a few offers on Apple accessories too, including the Magic Keyboard and Pencil.

The best iPad Mini (6th generation) deals

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With a bigger 8.3-inch screen and ridiculously powerful Apple A15 processor inside, this is pocket powerhouse. Its new design makes it sleeker than ever, and it now supports the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen, which means the stylus connects magnetically to the side of the iPad and charges wirelessly while there, so it's always ready to go for sketches or note-taking.

This makes it an even better tool for school or university, or for digital artists who want to create quickly on the go, or photographers looking for a way to view and edit photos right out of the camera. Its USB-C port makes it a more flexible and powerful device too. And it's got upgraded cameras, and the screen is still top quality.

The best iPad Mini (5th generation) deals

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The latest and greatest iPad mini is the iPad mini 5, and it's the one to go for if you want the fastest internals, the option of more internal storage, and support for the (first-gen) Apple Pencil.

In terms of size and design the iPad mini 5 is very similar to the iPad mini 4, but we reckon the extra expenditure is worth it for most people. The screen is slightly brighter and adds the True Tone tech (which adjusts the color balance based on ambient lighting), which the iPad mini 4 doesn't have.

The best iPad Mini (4th generation) deals

best iPad mini deals 2022

If you want a 7-inch iPad but don't need the latest and greatest specs, the iPad mini 4 is the one for you (it got full marks when originally reviewed). The design is thinner than its predecessors, and thus it's much nicer to hold. The screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 is impressive given the more compact dimensions and the quality is very much welcome too - being able to use this fully in almost direct light again adds to the portability. Have a browse through the best iPad mini 4 deals available today:

The best iPad Mini (3rd generation) deals

best iPad mini deals 2022

Truth is that the iPad mini 3 wasn't all that popular when it came out. It was a good dela more expensive than the iPad 2 on launch and yet it offered very little extra. Many felt that it was Apple trying to get as much money from one design as possible and as such the reviews were a bit negative. But it was still a good tablet. It was still a bit better than the iPad 2 and so these days it's well worth picking up if you find that it falls into the correct price window. The best iPad mini 3 deals currently available are here:

The best iPad Mini (2nd generation) deals

best iPad mini deals 2022

The iPad mini 2 is definitely worth picking up if you want a great 7-inch tablet for as little money as possible. This is probably the best budget 7-inch tablet out there and still comes with super-sharp Retina display and plenty of powerful components. Check out the best iPad mini 2 deals below:

The best iPad Mini (1st generation) deals

best iPad mini deals 2022

It didn't have one of Apple's vaunted Retina displays and it's far less powerful than the latest models. But if you can find the mini for well under £200 it's definitely worth having a look. It will still do a great job of surfing the web and playing most apps so don't think that because it's a few years old it won't do most of what you ask of it. Here are the best iPad mini deals currently available:

The best iPad Mini accessories

Apple accessories for iPad Mini

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If you want to be more in control of your iPad Mini or you want a portable desk setup, look into Apple accessories for your tablet. In addition to a range of tablet cases, other accessories for iPad Mini's include the Apple Magic Mouse, Apple Magic Keyboard and the 1st and 2nd generation of the Apple Pencil. View all deals available on these today:

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