The very best iPad deals for October 2021

New iPad? iPad Air? iPad Pro? iPad mini? Get the best iPad for you now with a great deal

Best iPad deals 2021

T3 is currently expertly curating the best iPad deals available on the market today in 2021 – so you've come to the right place to find the very best prices and bundle deals on Apple iPad.

Don't know which is the best iPad for you? Then you should consult our Apple iPad guide now, which details and ranks every iPad sold today, before returning here to land a top deal on the tablet best suited to you.

And land a top deal you will, as our deals tech pulls in the best prices from all trust worthy online retailers more than once per day so you can be sure that all of the prices on this page are current and market leading.

As such, whether you're after a micro-sized deal on the jumbo-sized iPad Pro, a good price for an older iPad mini, or just the best possible deal on the iPad Air, we've found them all.

Simply scroll down the page and find the iPad you're looking for and we'll tell you what the best deals are – easy!

What's the best iPad?

Each iPad Apple produces has a different hardware spec and set of capabilities, so finding the correct iPad for your intended usage is crucial when making a purchase.

The best iPad for most people is the iPad Air (2020). Just released, it offers a sharp 11-inch screen, buckets of power, and some excellent high-tech features, all in a super-sleek design. Our full iPad Air review reveals exactly why we like it so much.

There are good reasons to choose the other models too, of course. The iPad Pro offers an even higher-quality screen with the option of a 13-inch display as well as an 11-inch model, a 120Hz refresh rate on the screen, and a LIDAR 3D sensor on the back, plus bigger storage capacity options. Here's our full iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2021) review.

The cheap iPad is a great value option – it doesn't have the premium build and latest-gen processor that the iPad Air has, but it has a great screen, plenty of speed, and is still impeccably made. Here's our iPad 10.2-inch (9th Gen) review.

The iPad mini is a fantastic small media and gaming device, or a portable note-taking/drawing machine. Here's our full iPad mini (6th Gen) review.

The best iPad 10.2-inch deals

best iPad deals 2021

The best iPad Air (2020) deals

iPad Air 2020

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The best iPad Pro 12.9-inch deals

iPad Pro 2021

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The best iPad Pro 11-inch deals

iPad Pro 11-inch

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 The best iPad mini deals

Apple iPad mini six held in hand on white background

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