iPad Mini battery photos leak

Apple set to offer mid-range performance between iPhone and iPad

The Apple iPad Mini could be just around the corner and while most of its specs appear to have been nailed down a new leak has revealed just how much stamina the small tablet could have

MacRumors has received two photos that show what appears to be the iPad Mini battery. The battery labelling shows that it runs at 3.72 volts, providing 16.7 Watt-Hours of power on a charge of 4490 mAh.

It is not clear if the photos MacRumors received were genuine but the labelling matches those seen on recent Apple batteries when tear-downs have been done by sites such as iFixit, including place holder markings for various regulatory approval.

The iPad has always had industry leading battery life with the battery taking up most of the space in both the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad and now MacRumors has received photos that may show the battery from the forthcoming iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini is rumoured to be based upon the internals of the iPad 2 with a smaller 7.85 inch display and an all new design. If the photos are legitimate they place the iPad Mini battery capacity between the iPhone 5 at 5.45 Watt-Hours and the 25 Watt-Hour battery of the iPad 2.

Sources: MacRumours