HTC 7 Trophy slapped with SIM-free price

Expansys sticks all-new WP7 blower online

Nab killer HTC/Microsoft blower without a contract.

Can’t wait for the HTC 7 Trophy to land on Vodafone? Not keen on slapping down a monthly fee for one of the hottest new handsets around? Then help is at hand. Expansys has priced up one of HTC’s many new Windows Phone 7 blowers and you can pre-order it now.

For a whacking £439.99, you get a 3.8-inch screen, 8GB of on board storage and a five megapixel snapper to boot. And of course, Windows Phone 7 is sitting pretty on board, meaning this phone is at the very bleeding edge of smartphone cool.

If you opt for this deal, you’ll take delivery from 2 November, a couple of weeks after the first Windows Phone 7 efforts hit shelves on 21 October.

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Via Electricpig