Google Street View to include The Great Barrier Reef

Collaboration to see 360-degree views of the reef

Google is going 20,000 leagues under the sea as part of a collaboration that will see the Great Barrier Reef brought to our desks thanks to StreetView

Google has teamed up with the University of Queensland and the Caitlin Group to begin a survey which will allow users to view 360-degree panorama shots of the Great Barrier Reef through Google Street View.

The collaboration is part of a survey which through these images, will be able to monitor the health of the Great Barrier Reef and the fragile ecosystem that has become increasingly endangered.

Using Diver Propulsion Systems and robotic subs the survey will create 360-degree images using four fish-eye lens DSLRs, the images will then be stitched together and uploaded onto Google Maps.

There will also be a series of YouTube video diaries as well documenting the progress of the researchers and also highlighting what they've learnt along the way.

Source: CatlinSeaSurvey