Google Nexus S touted by Eric Schmidt

Update, video: Big G boss displays Nexus One successor

Unofficial airing for much-rumoured successor to Nexus One.

Still not sure whether the Google Nexus S is the real deal? Well how about the Big G’s Eric Schmidt busting one out in public for all to see? Because that’s exactly what the main did last night, touting the Gingerbread-packing phone at the Web 2.0 summit across the pond.

Word is the new phone has a concave design, actually getting thinner in the middle. There’s an AMOLED panel slapped on the front, with volume controls down the side and a black plastic back.

Schmidt said that Android Gingerbread would be out “in the coming weeks”, but refused to say when the Nexus S would be making an official appearance. The manufacturer’s label was covered on his prototype, although it’s an open secret that Samsung has made this Nexus One successor.

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Via Engadget