Google Glass eye strain is possible says expert

'Visual confusion' however is unlikely says Harvard professor

Google Glass may be all anyone can talk about at the moment but some academics have warned that there could be health risks, well not so says one expert

Google Glass has the potential to hurt your eyes according to heads-up display expert Sina Fateh. In an article by Forbes, Fateh warns of the possibility of 'visual confusion' taking place when a user looks at a different object in one eye.

“The problem is that you have two eyes and the brain hates seeing one image in front of one eye and nothing in front of the other,”

According to Fateh this is a problem that he's encountered with fighter pilots with some suffering binocular rivalry and phoria, two problems which stem from each eye looking at a different image.

All is not lost however according to Eli Peli, a Harvard Medical School professor of ophthalmology who points out rather fairly that these are all instances when the person is forced to look at the second image.

Google Glass is supposed to be used for micro-use. You look up for a second or two,” he explained. “The interruption of binocular vision is so brief and so small that I don’t expect to see any changes in the phoria when it is used as it is intended.”

Peli goes on to explain that any strain people are likely to experience when using it is an effect similar to that of a tradesman who spends a lot of his working life looking up, it's a natural adjustment that the human brain is more than capable of making.

Source: Forbes