Google erases all of the UK wi-fi data

Deletion carried out by third-party company

Google promised to delete all the data it collected. And it did.

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has confirmed that Google has deleted all personal information collected in the UK through its Street View cars.

Google had erroneously collected personal information through unsecure wi-fi networks through its Street View vehicles.

The BBC was told by Google: "We can confirm that the UK data has now been deleted, and that this has been independently certified."

The erasing process was carried out by a third-party, Stroz Friedberg.

Google was found guilty of breaching UK data laws by the ICO by inadvertently collecting private data such as emails and passwords, and vowed to delete the data within 9 months. The Street View cars are back on the streets of the UK...and remember, if we don't like them, we could just move.

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Via: TechRadar