Google Drive to offer 5GB of cloud storage?

Leaked screenshot hints to higher than expected storage allowance

Google already offers storage in the form of Google Docs and also via its Gmail service, but rumours point towards the company expanding its portfolio

Google could be in line to offer up 5GB of cloud storage via their rumoured to be upcoming Google Drive cloud storage service.

A leaked screenshot by TalkAndroid shows quite clearly a welcome page which asks you if you would like to install the service and then specifies how much data you'll be able to store for free.

It's not clear yet whether this could be part of an incentive program, a feature that comes with the free version of Dropbox however it seems unlikely considering the nature of the image.

This comes just weeks after it was revealed that Google could be launching a rival cloud storage service to the likes of Dropbox and Microsoft's SkyDrive that features prominantly on its Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

Called Google Drive it's believed that the service will offer users a secure amount of cloud storage which can then be shared across devices, presumably being closely integrated with Google's own Android smartphones such as the Galaxy Nexus.