Gates and Zuckerberg top list of history's world changers

Microsoft and Facebook founders beat visionaries

Tech leaders deemed more influential than histories leaders

Tech personalities Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have topped a list of history’s most influential “world changers” beating the likes of Martin Luther King Jr and Charles Darwin.

The study, carried out by Electronic Arts on 1,000 UK residents under 25 to celebrate the launch of Dragon Age 2, a game that allows users to make virtual world changing decisions, saw the I have a Dream speech giver round out the top three behind the Facebook founder in second and Microsoft founder who took the top spot.

Strangely current British PM David Cameron was deemed the fourth biggest world changer ahead of Isaac Newton in fifth and Thomas Edison in sixth. Barack Obama came in seventh ahead of evolution pioneer Charles Darwin with Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, and Albert Einstein rounding out the top ten.

On the findings Sophie Orlando of Electronic Arts said: “The results of this survey are surprising given how influential some of the figures on this list are and the impact that their inventions or discoveries have had on our lives."

She added: "However, the growth of social networks such as Facebook has been phenomenal – to the point where young Brits consider it to be more important than the invention of the more practical light bulb!”

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Via: PocketLint