Facebook Places will be adopted slowly, say experts

Facebook Places will take time to catch on in the UK

Stalkers alert...the location-based service, Facebook Places, allows users to check-in wherever they go.

According to an expert speaking to The Telegraph, Facebook Places will take off slowly in the UK, while T3's readers have already said no to Facebook Places.

Facebook Places, which launched two days ago in the UK
, is similar to location-based services like Foursquare and Gowalla, and is meant for users to advertise where they are at the moment they check-in, and see if any of their friends are in the same area.

The expert speaking to the newspaper, Martin McNulty, general manager of Forward 3D, said, "Facebook Places is likely to experience a slow rate of adoption among UK audiences on its launch as people try to uncover its practical value. However, as early technology adopters begin experimenting with the technology and showing others how it can be used, its growth rate is sure to rapidly increase."

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McNulty added that younger users would be more likely to use Facebook Places as opposed to the older generation, who might be sceptical of how safe it is to announce one's movements on a public platform.

Other experts have commented on how Facebook Places might well lead to monetary rewards for companies that can utilize location-based services for advertising and promotions.

With Facebook profiles being mined, and issues over privacy, it will take a while before we see how well it's received by the public.

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Source: The Telegraph (via TechWatch)