Facebook phone details revealed

More gossip on social network cell emerges

Insider claims cloud-centric cell is just around the corner.

Following word yesterday about an HTC-made, Android-packing Facebook phone, more hot gossip about a blower built for the world’s favourite social network has hit the web.

A tipster has spilled the beans to the chaps at BGR, delivering deets on just what we can expect when a Facebook phone does get the official nod. And it’s all about using the cloud and your location.

The Facebook phone is unlikely to have any local storage, with all your contacts, music and data stashed in the cloud. What’s more, location aware coupons will tap into an always-on GPS service, offering you vouchers for stores which you’ve told Facebook you’re interested in.

The GPS offering will also check you in automatically and share your location, although the privacy headache this would cause means it’s likely that you’d have the option of switching such a feature off.

There’ll also be news ticker notifications, with all messages falling into one place, channeling Facebook’s new messaging service which was revealed last year.

Whether this is the same handset that HTC is rumoured to be unveiling at next month’s Mobile World Congress remains to be seen. Would you buy a Facebook phone? Or does this sound like a gimmick too far? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.