Facebook iPad app developer quits over continued delays

Dev switches to Google after repeated delays in app’s release

Facebook’s much-wanted iPad app could never see the light of day according to its lead dev, who has quit his position at the social network and moved to Google.

Facebook’s iPad app has been long-awaited by tech watchers and tablet owners alike. But now the app’s lead developer has left Facebook for Google, claiming on his own blog that the add-on may never be released.

Jeff Verkoeyen says’d he’d been working on the Facebook iPad app since January and that it was ready for release as long ago as May. He even said it might not ever launch, with Facebook more focused on its desktop site than its wider mobile strategy.

Verkoeyen did remove comments about the iPad app after they hit the Business Insider website. But they’re certainly telling after Mark Zuckerberg refused to commit to the app’s release during in an interview at the f8 conference last week.

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