Facebook announces Graph Search engine with Bing support

It's no Google rival says Facebook but does introduce integrated Bing search

Facebook reveals new search engine that will not take on Google but will help you find information about your FB friends quicker than ever before

Facebook has officially announced its new Graph Search feature which it says is not a rival for Google’s web search engine but does integrate Bing search which suggests that it could be something it will introduce more comprehensively in the future.

The site which recently announced a drop in UK users gives those still in love with the social networking site the ability to find precise details about Facebook friends. Mark Zuckerberg calls it the 'third pillar' of the Facebook system with the first two being your news feed and Timeline. Zuckerberg revealed the search system that is built into Facebook and uses its database to give you the precise answer for your precise query.

Based on People, Photos, Interests and Places, users will be able to find photos from a particular year quickly or search for friends who live near to your location and order them in terms of how important they are to you. So expect your sister to pop up in the results before your best mate in the search.

Users will be able to look for people who have similar taste in films and movies and see clips from those shows that friends have liked and find restaurants that friends like to eat at. One of the nicest features is the ability to pick out appropriate photos for a picture album for instance basing the search results on the amount of likes or engagements that the photos have received.

For those worrying about issues of privacy, Facebook says that Graph search is privacy aware stating that most content is not public and you can only search for content that has been shared with you. Included in the Graph Search will be filters to see content that has been tagged for instance or ones that you have hidden from timeline and you can then choose not to let them appear in search and even send a message to the person who put the pictures up and send a message to ask them to take them down (good luck with that).

Perhaps the most revealing aspect of the Graph Search announcement was saved for last as Zuckerberg revealed that Microsoft’s Bing web search engine will work almost as a ‘back up’ search when you can’t find what you are looking for.

The Facebook Graph service is currently in beta giving access to a few lucky people and hopes to be rolling out soon for everyone else.

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