Facebook facial recognition photo tagging to be introduced

Social network to add auto-tagging to photo albums

Face-tagging to be automised in Facebook update

Facebook is to add an automatic face-tagging system to its photo galleries elevating the tedium of manually selecting the individual faces in each image, new reports have revealed.

Set to be rolled out to Facebook’s US based users within the coming weeks the new system will automatically gather and group all images from an album it believes to include the same selected person. Once sourced, users will be able to tag the identified person in a single image with all relevant photographs subsequently being auto-tagged.

Building on the existing face-identifier, which makes tagging suggestions for each image of an album, Facebook will offer users an opt-out selection for the new automated system in an attempt to appease privacy settings. Whilst this opt-out opportunity will not remove the possibility of being manual tagged in images, it will reduce the risk of unwanted mass tagging.

There is currently no word as to when the new system will be rolled out globally.

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Via: SlashGear