Facebook 63,206 status character allowance introduced

Social networking giant ups character allowance from form 5,000 character cap

With roughly 800,000 users the world's largest social network Facebook has upped its character allowance on posts to a rather precise 63,206

Facebook has drastically increased the number of characters users can utilise to express themselves in profile status rants with the former 5,000 character limit being plumped to a hefty 63,206 upper bracket.

Launching with a Twitter-esque and SMS friendly 160 character limit, Facebook's status limitations have been repeatedly increased with the longstanding 500 character cap being upped to 5,000 in March of this year.

"You can now write posts with more than 60,000 characters, including status, group and wall posts," an official statement from Facebook read on the decision.

"For reference, a novel has roughly 500,000 characters. This could be shared in nine posts."

Whilst Facebook has yet to officially confirm the reasoning behind the rather precise 63,206 character cap, the increase sees the world's largest social network still fall short of the recently launched Google+ and its 100,000 character limit.

Will you ever find the need to make use of this character allowance increase? Let us know via the comments box below.

In case you were wondering this whole article used just 946 characters.

Via: TechRadar