Expert claims Sony or MS will not release a future console

Either Sony or Microsoft is expected to announce it is to drop out of the console race at E3

Ahead of E3 2012 set to take place in Los Angeles this June, new reports have suggested either Sony or Microsoft is to drop out of the console race

With rumours rife about the potential E3 arrival of both the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox 720 consoles, new reports from industry experts have suggested one of the leading manufacturers could be on the verge of withdrawing from the hardware race.

With Kaz Hirai, Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment, this week refuting rumours the company is set to unveil the eagerly awaited PS4 at E3 2012 in June, a representative of cloud gaming service Gaikai has announced he expects either Sony or Microsoft to reveal they are to produce no further gaming consoles.

"Not all of the current console makers will have one more generation," said Nanea Reeves, chief product officer for Gaikai. "That will be the big news at E3."

With Nintendo having already confirmed it is to return to the E3 show floor in Los Angeles later this year to once again tout its widely confusing Wii U wares, it is not known exactly which of the gaming industry's two big players Reeves is referring to.

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Via: CVG