EU says Google case not influenced by FTC decision

European Commission continues to examine search giant

The European Union has confirmed that an onbgoing investigation into Google's search results will not be affected by findings in the US

Across the pond, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has dropped an investigation after 19 months into whether Google deliberately skewed results to give prominence to its own products. However, the decision by the FTC will not affect a similar investigation taking place over here in Europe.

The European Commission has been looking into the search giant for the past couple of years, and insists that the decision in the States has no influence on proceedings over here.

"We have taken note of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) decision, but we don't see that it has any direct implications for our investigation, for our discussions with Google, which are ongoing," said Michael Jennings, a spokesman for the European Commission.

The FTC decided there was not enough evidence to pursue the claim that Google was adjusting search results, despite companies such as Microsoft voicing such concerns.

If the EU does find the search giant guilty, it could eventually be fined up to 10 per cent of its revenue - a cool $4 billion.

In conclusion to the American investigation, FTC chairman Jon Leibovitz said: “Many of Google's competitors wanted the commission to go further and regulate the intricacies of Google's search engine algorithm. Today the commission has voted to close this investigation unanimously."

"Although some evidence suggested Google was trying to eliminate competition, Google's primary reason for changing its look and feel or algorithm was to improve search results."