Britons using Facebook and Twitter increase

Over half of Brit adults using social networking sites

Tech savvy adults in Britain increasing

The Office of National Statistic released its annual survey of British Internet Habits, showing that a majority of Britons use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Adults (over 16) are using Facebook and Twitter more than they did last year, show the reports. According to the data, 57% of adults used social networks this year, as compared to 43% last year.

They are slowly catching up to the 16-24 age group, where 91% have used Facebook or Twitter this year. The over-65 group is also becoming tech-friendly with 18% using social networks.

A gender divide is also found, with 60% of women using social networks, compared to 54% of men. However, when it came to professional social networks such as LinkedIn, men use them almost twice as much as women (16% versus 9%).

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Via: The Telegraph