Apple and Facebook clashed heads over Ping

Jobs reveals failed talks to bring Ping to Facebook

Tech titans unable to reach agreement on Ping intergration.

Apple wanted it's new iTunes-based social music network Ping to team up with Facebook, but the two companies could not reach terms accoring to Steve Jobs.

The new service, which was announced yesterday as part of iTunes 10, will allow users to follow friends and artists and recieve news updates, concert details and custom charts based on what their friends are downloading.

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Jobs wanted Facebook on board, via Facebook Connect, but says the social networking comany's demands were "too onerous" and that he would not agree to them.

When Jobs unveiled Ping during yesterday's keynote address, a button appeared to make it easy for iTunes members to link their Ping account up to Facebook, which remained in early versions of the download. Today's version sees it replaced with an email friends option.

Facebook issued a statement to say that it looked forward to working with Apple in the future.

Link: Apple (via Telegraph)