App Week: SoundCloud for iPad, Google TV gets Android apps

Plus: Whale Trail for iPhone and Zeebox for iPad reviewed

This week we learned Steve Jobs didn't want third-party developers creating iPhone apps, while Google just made Google TV a lot more attractive. Plus, we've got the latest reviews from the T3 App Chart.

Android App News: Google TV 2.0 brings Android Market apps
The newest software update for the UK-bound Google TV service pricked our interest this week with news that Honeycomb is now on board and the Android Market has been opened up which means apps, apps, apps. Google says all app developers will be able to create new apps or modify their existing wares to be optimised for the TV screen. Google TV will arrive in the UK in early 2012.

iPhone App News: Steve Jobs didn't want third-party apps
Late Apple visionary Steve Jobs had to be convinced that third-party apps were the way to go, his official biography has revealed. Jobs thought that allowing non-Apple developers in would "pollute" the iPhone and wanted to keep a closed shop. Just goes to show, even the greatest minds need a push in the right direction sometimes.

iPad App News: SoundCloud gets an awesome iPad app
The excellent SoundCloud audio-sharing platform now has a beautifully-optimised native iPad app. The app features a tabbed UI, one-touch social sharing and the opportunity to record your sounds on the go and update from within the app. There's also a new comment interface, which allows you to click on sections of an actual recording an make comments.

iPhone App News: Garmin Fit will get you fitter, help you home
Satnav wizzkids Garmin have branched out from their popular range of GPS-enabled sports watches to launch a fitness app for iPhone and Android. The Garmin Fit app, which will go head-to-head with Adidas miCoach and Nike+, will track your time, distance, speed, pace, calories and also map your route using GPS. The app is also compatible with the Garmin Fit heart monitor. It costs 69p.


iPhone App Review: Whale Trail
One of the finest games to hit the App Store recently, Whale Trail is a psychedelic British-based creation which sees you take control of a fish (well, mammal) out of water. It's your job to keep your new whale pal from falling into the clutches of an evil monster, by tapping the screen to keep him bouyant and eating bubbles to keep him alive. Watch out for those lightning clouds though, they'll turn you into whale stew. Read our Whale Trail for iPhone review.

iPad App Review: Zeebox
This social app of televisual goodness is the brainchild of former BBC iPlayer mastermind Anthony Rose. The Zeebox for iPad app allows you to check in with what's on TV and interact with others as the show is on going. For example, if you're watching Match of the Day, you may be inclined to comment, "Christ, Shearer is talking absolute crap again this week." It comes fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter too.

Android App Review: Facebook Messenger
A spin-off from the official Facebook for Android app. Facebook Messenger isolates the chat portion of the app to allow you to send IMs to your social networking pals. It's pretty self explanatory and considering pretty much everyone you know is on Facebook, it's a handy, free means of getting ahold of your pals. Read our Facebook Messenger for Android app.