Anonymous Twitter account hacked

Collective gets a taste of own medicine #ironic

The hacking collective Anonymous had its own Twitter feed hacked earlier today by a group calling itself the Rustle League

In a delicious slice of internet irony, the Twitter feed for hacktivist group Anonymous found itself on the receiving end of some unwanted attention earlier today.

A group, called the Rustle League (nope, we don't get it either) took over the YourAnonNews feed at around 10.30am this morning. Or, roughly half-past-two in the morning for those in California.

The group then proceeded to post a slew of obscene and inflammatory tweets from the account.

Anonymous itself finally got wise and recognised the hack - reporting it to Reuters and the BBC - before taking down the tweets.

At the time of the hack, the Anonymous feed had 1,103,612 followers and no doubt many were amused to see the boot on the other foot for a change.

Anonymous has been responsible for several high-profile hacks in recent times, as well as hitting the Irish and Ukranian governments and several North Korean social networks.

Not much is known about the so-called Rustle League, but several of the tweets are focused on the Israel/Palestine conflict.

At the time of this writing, the YourAnonNews feed has been restored to regular service and the offending tweets have been removed.

Via: GizmodoUK